Do you want to surprise your partner on St. Valentine’s Day? You don’t have to go to a restaurant or theatre; you can create an amazing romantic atmosphere at home with simple decorations. The evening full of love in the cozy atmosphere of your home will be only yours!

A Valentine tip No. 1

You won’t be probably surprised if we start with candles. The more flickering candles, the better atmosphere you will create. You can use tea lights in red coloured glasses or long elegant candles in a transparent vase full of small sugar hearts. But an ordinary thin white candle decorated with a heart and your and your partner’s initials would be great too.

To get the best effect, first carve the motive on the candle with a carving chisel or just with a screwdriver works. Highlight the heart shape and the initials with a golden marker pen, and place the personalized candle on a decorative a mat.

A Valentine tip No. 2

Flowers are a must on St. Valentine’s Day. But not everyone can cover their home with fresh roses, carnations or tulips. A bouquet of silk paper flowers can look just as great! You can create it in a minute.

Layer nine square sheets of silk paper of various colours on each other and create an accordion (use red, pink and violet colours). Cut the narrow edges of the accordion into a rounded shape of petals. Slightly unwrap the accordion a little to find its central fold, and puncture it in the middle. Insert a round lollipop into the hole as a pistil, fold the accordion again and attach the lollipop with a stapler from both sides. Unfold the silk paper around the lollipop into a flower, or extend the lollipop with a wooden skewer wrapped in a green tape. Put more of these flowers into a big vase, and the grandiose decoration is finished!

A Valentine tip No. 3

Do you know 3D paper hearts? It’s a small miracle made of almost nothing. Cut out as many of them as possible from sheets of red paper. To get a plastic effect, make a bigger cut into the heart from above. Draw up both the rounded parts and glue them together to create a glued back side and a bulging front. You can stick the hearts above your bed using a double-sided tape.

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