Explore Prague at the time of Advent. Any bad vibes will soon melt in its uplifting melancholy. Where can you see the Prague Christmas markets? Almost anywhere. The romantic lit streets in the centre of Prague will take you to squares full of stalls selling folk craft items. Let’s have a look at some of the most famous Advent events in the historic city centre:

Lighting of the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is Prague’s pride. Its selection, transport and location are closely watched by the media every year. The first lighting and opening the Christmas markets is watched by hundreds of people. This year, the festive lighting of the Christmas tree will take place in Old Town Square on 26 November at 5 pm.

Advent in Old Town Square

If you don’t have the time and want to visit only one place in Prague where you can feel the Christmas atmosphere, go to Old Town Square. The largest Christmas market in Prague and the Czech Republic is right there, in the heart of the city. In addition to traditional products or food and drinks, you can also enjoy a rich accompanying programme. You can hear Christmas carols on the stage, and families might enjoy the creative workshop for children.

Traditional crafts and customs

The Christmas market in Old Town Square always hosts a live show of blacksmith art. The blacksmiths’ stall in the Advent market village, where you can also get warm, cannot be missed. Right before your eyes, iron will be hammered in a cloud of sparks, and some of the works of art are also for sale.

If you like Nativity scenes, don’t miss the exposition of manually carved Nativity scenes from Třešť in the Jindřišská Tower.

What to see next?

Prague Christmas markets cannot be found only in Old Town Square. Many typical houses with red-tiled roofs can be also seen in Havelská Street, in the lower part of Wenceslas Square, Náměstí Republiky Square, Náměstí Míru Square, at the exhibition grounds in Holešovice, and in other public spaces. The markets are open from 10 am to 10 pm. Refreshments are sometimes available until midnight.

A walk through the lit Prague

From the end of November, as soon as it gets dark, Prague is clad in thousands of coloured lights. Christmas decorations on the public lighting lamps line most of the main streets. Walk along Pařížská Street, from Old Town Square to the Vltava River. For a while, the 52 trees garlanded with Christmas lights will convince you are in a fairy tale. This year, the unique atmosphere of the Advent Prague will be created by 130 large Christmas decorations and 12 kilometres of light chains.