Do you want to create a unique Christmas atmosphere without any stress or expensive decorations? Get inspired by ideas that cost nothing and that will turn your apartment into a magic palace. After all, Christmas is a holiday of miracles!

OUR TIP: Forget about artificial decorations, the nature is the new black! Don’t be afraid to decorate your apartment with green and fresh twigs and branches, fragrant wreaths and pine cones.

1. Non-traditional Christmas wreaths

Christmas wreaths can decorate not only doors or tables, but also your windows to make your view much nicer. To make your own wreath, use circular frames for embroidery. Common wreaths made from conifer branches and fragrant dried citruses – oranges, tangerines and lemons – are also beautiful.

Another idea is a wreath with a styrofoam base decorated with gift bows. Packs of decorative ribbons with self-adhesive foils, in different sizes and colours (including the gold and silver ones) can be bought in any stationery shop.

2. Festive moments in candlelight

Candles are an indispensable part of the Advent. Put a candle in a glass of clear water with a few drops of food colouring. A series of floating candles will underline the uniqueness of the Christmas table and the magical moments at the Christmas tree.

Nice candlesticks can also be made from wine bottles. Just put silver wallpaper over their labels and use wide ribbons. The more candlesticks you make, the better they look.

3. Fill the bowls, jars and vases

Do you have more sparkly ornaments than your Christmas tree can bear? Put them in a bowl richly lined with fresh green twigs. Smaller ornaments can be hung on branches in a vase with water. A tall glass full of colourful stripes of candies can be an attractive decoration, too.

4. Christmas wall decorations

A yarn tree can be an ideal decoration for blank walls, corridors or hallways. Just cut off a few strings, and stretch them in sharp angles along the wall to create a triangle – the tree will resemble beams. You can decorate its top with a Christmas star, and a chest of drawers or a shelf may serve as the tree basis. Children may decorate the tree with paper flakes and chains.

5. Brilliant gift wrapping

Do you have pieces of wallpaper you won’t use any more? Use them to wrap the most valuable gifts. Wallpapers have a firmer texture than wrapping paper and the recipient of the gift won’t tear the packaging so quickly. The surprise will be more exciting. Also, wallpaper gift wrapping simply looks fabulous.

6. Decorate the pillows

If you have many pillows – on the couch, chairs and beds – decorate some of them with wide ribbons like Christmas gifts. This simple idea will create a beautiful atmosphere full of magic expectation in every room.

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