Are your children rollicking all the time? Have you run out of the ideas how to entertain them? Get inspired by the following tips that will make the whole family happy in any weather. You might think the following attractions are not really for children, but they will love them!

Where to take your children in bad weather

1. The National Museum of Agriculture

All curious girls and boys are interested in the nature, animals, and machinery. And don’t worry – this museum is not a boring place with dull display cases. Most of its premises look more like a playroom for children, and the smallest visitors can use it as one. They won’t even notice how much they’ve learned about fauna and flora.

Interactive exhibitions in the National Museum of Agriculture at Letná include a lot of audio-visual aids. Children can try fishing or become gamekeepers for a while and can get in the heart of the forest world. You can get a family ticket for CZK 200; adults pay CZK 110 and children have free admission.

2. The Planetarium in Stromovka

The sky full of stars projected on the cupola of the main hall will take your breath away. The Planetarium is situated in the Royal Game Preserve, Stromovka, near the Prague Exhibition Grounds (Výstaviště) in Holešovice. Its wide choice of projections includes programmes even for the smallest visitors from three years of age. Children will learn about planets and stars in an entertaining way, find answers to the questions like “Why the day and night take turns?”, a see many other interesting things. Tickets for about CZK 150 (children pay half price) can be also bought online.

3. The Art Gallery for Children

A real gallery with art objects that children can touch, use or even create? Do you think that such a place cannot exist? Visit the Art Gallery for Children near Old Town Square. The displayed works of art even ask for cooperation. Children are not just viewers there, they become co-creators.

The beautiful exhibitions are adapted to children’s understanding of the world, but adults will enjoy themselves, as well. You can also choose from a wide range of gallery workshops for different age categories.

Where to take your children in nice weather

1. A boat trip to the zoo

The Prague Zoo is well-known all over Europe, and if you haven’t been there yet, do so very soon! Did you know you can go there by boat? The boarding quay is on the Rašínovo Embankment, and you will sail through the lock chamber in Smíchov, along Kampa, under the Charles Bridge to another quay near the Svatopluk Čech Bridge where you can get on board, as well. The final quay on the Imperial (Císařský) Island is located 1.1 km from the zoo.

The price of the boat ticket (from CZK 330 for adults, CZK 920 for a family ticket) includes the ticket to the zoo.

2. Picnic in Hládkov

Don’t you have energy for a longer trip? Do you think you’ve already been to all the parks in Prague? Not in this one. This relaxation zone between Patočkova Street and Myslbekova Streets in Prague 6 was built in 2015. The park is named after Max van der Stoel, the former Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, and it offers a lot of unconventional attractions.

In sweltering days, the recently planted green vegetation provides a lot of shade for picnics on benches. Children will like the inventive water elements built on the Brusnice creek (the small water dams, canals, and stones on the creek bed); people of all generations can try the barefoot path with various surfaces. There are also wooden climbing frames in the park – a climbing set, a moving beam, swings, a cable pyramid, and more.

3. The Štefánik Observatory after dark

The Štefánik Observatory in Petřín attracts children visitors, as well. To enjoy the observation of the Moon, stars and the planets of the solar system with big telescopes after dark, you need clear skies. You might also like the permanent exhibitions or programmes for children.

And once you decide to observe of the universe, try to visit the nearby Petřín Lookout Tower and the Mirror Maze, too.