Arranging the bedroom sounds like an easy task. Double bed, bedside tables, wardrobes… small spaces usually bring significant creations, which rather spoils the overall impression. Remember the adage “beauty is in simplicity” this works twice more in bedrooms. Choose from stylish designs, which are now at odds.

The bedroom is a place for resting. It usually is hidden in an apartment, so it is often overlooked when arranging it. It’s a shame. Everyone deserves a place that recharges us toward the next day. So stop planning forever and just do it!

Retain Privacy

Usually, it is nice when you can leave the bedroom door open, relax and not be disturbed. When designing the apartment, think about placing a partition between the room and the corridor. Avoid direct view of the bedroom from the kitchen or living room areas.

The entrance to the bedroom should operate a so-called “private zone”. It hides your sleep area in front of other residents and visitors. You should not tear down the wall. Small foyer behind the bedroom door can be created even with high cabinets.

For a restful sleep

The centerpiece of the bedroom is the bed. Its position determines the position of the other furniture in the room. If possible, put the bed directly opposite from the door or under a window. The piercing morning sun onto the bed could well poison the beginning of the day. Moreover, it is enjoyable when you enter the bedroom and the view attracts you sooner rather than the dominant bed. Situate the other furniture in a way to maintain continuity between the bed and toilet.

Floor Decoration

Clean design begins in modern bedrooms at the floor. Put a small rug on the cold floor. Soft, high-pile on the sides of the bed to comfortably wake up and step on it. You can also choose to tread foot of the bed or carpet larger part of the leg tucked under the bed. Round or rectangular shape carpets emphasize the overall appearance of the room.

Color Combinations

Some people prefer natural subtle shades of brown and beige, others love contrasting orange combined with green, but do not worry of either gold or silver. Timeless classics remain with colors such as, white and shades of blue . Remember that in addition to the hinge, also is the color of linen distinctive design feature of the bedrooms.

Furniture from my grandmother and TV

Combination of old and new is becoming very popular in the stylish bedrooms. Combination, elegance of antique furniture with modern art and technology. Diversity, however, has its limits. A few pieces of furniture and decoration should work in accordance with the soothing atmosphere of the room.

You will only sleep in the bedroom. Do you like to read or did you create your own work table from your bedside? It is important to tune the room well with your mind. Comforted you in a time of rest and motivated you while awake. Let your bedroom bring beautiful dreams and a great well-being!

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