After a hard day’s work, battling illness, or simply desiring some relaxation, you don’t always feel like cooking elaborate meals. And why should you? With a renowned restaurant offering complimentary delivery right next door, you can easily get used to a convenient, high-quality dining experience. Enhance your meal with delicious wine and let the fairy tale feast commence.

The ‘Home’ Restaurant

The Albertov Rental Apartments complex embodies the motto ‘the feeling of home with the comfort of a hotel,’ and true to this ethos, it prioritizes the well-being of its residents. It goes beyond merely offering short and long-term rentals of fully equipped apartments with garage parking, without estate agencies and commissions; it encompasses comprehensive client care. Within the enclosed area, residents have access to a reception available round the clock for any request or queries, emergency services, maintenance of communal areas, a supermarket, smaller shops, and the Potrefená husa restaurant.

Invite Friends for a Beer

The area is quiet and full of greenery, creating an ambiance that feels detached from the city’s hustle and bustle. Yet, residents can also enjoy the convenience being just a stone’s throw from opportunities to socialize over a beer or a meal. The Potrefená Husa restaurant offers a menu featuring lunch specials, traditional recipes, grilled delicacies, and appetizers for gatherings of friends. Operating hours extend from 11 a.m. until either 11 p.m., or midnight, making the proximity all the more appealing for the residents.

Free Delivery to the Apartment

What if you prefer solitude? Residents of Albertov Rental Apartments have access to all the restaurant’s services during its operating hours without needing to dine in. The entire gastronomic experience can be brought directly to their apartment, completely free of charge and within minutes of placing an order. Whether you’re busy working from home, can’t spare time for lunch, or simply prefer to enjoy dinner at home without the hassle of preparation, we’ve got you covered. But beware, having the Potrefená husa restaurant as a neighbor can become addictive!