Are you looking for a present, an entertainment, or just an extraordinary experience for a weekend afternoon? Cruises on the Vltava River can do that for you! Choose a trip to your taste, and discover the unknown beauty of Prague from below the pavement level. Let the waves of history carry you away – the history that even the native Praguers rarely know.

Romantic cruises with a menu

The time spent on a steamboat cruise is unforgettable. That’s why boat decks are often used for celebrations of all kinds of festive events such as weddings, birthdays, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve parties. In Prague, there are tens of quays and boat companies renting boats with catering. For a bit of romance, there are several hours’ long cruises in lit Prague with dinner or smaller refreshment.

Do you want to please your family with an all-day trip? Choose a boat cruise going beyond the borders of the city centre – sail to the town of Mělník, Slapy or the Prague Zoo, and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Excursion cruised on the Vltava River

Excursion cruises offer extraordinary sights and panoramic scenes of the city centre and take about an hour. Listening to of your guide, you can admire the most famous Prague monuments and historical building, from the Na Františku hospital on Dvořák’s Embankment to the impressive Vyšehrad above Rašín’s Embankment.

From the river, you can also see the scenery of the Prague Castle. You will pass the National Theatre, the Charles Bridge and waterworks towers, go under the traffic and historical bridges, and overcome several lock chambers.

Great discoveries with small boats

A trip on a small boat won’t include lock chambers, which are primarily for big steamboats, but you’ll get closer to the monuments on the shore. You will see, for example, the oldest Prague water gauge, the bearded Bradáč whose relief face in the river bed has warned the Praguers against floods for centuries, or stone-sculpture marks under the arc of the Charles Bridge from the 14th century.

Wooden eco-friendly boats copy the style of the 19th century. They leave the anchorage even in winter when visitors get warm by period heaters on the deck. Do you want to feel like in Italy? Explore the magic underground of old Prague on a real Venetian gondola!

The mysterious Čertovka

A small boat cruise will reveal hidden places of “Prague Venice”. You’ll discover the ruins of old Romanesque Prague, the last remaining arc of the Judith Bridge from 1169, and many more Old Town gems hidden by the Vltava River. Only small boats can take you to the narrow Čertovka channel, within the reach of the Velkopřevorský Mill, or to the water tunnel under Křižovnické Square near the Charles Bridge.

Enjoy in the unique atmosphere of old Prague which is fading away in the crowded city streets sometimes…

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