It would have been amazing if all places in the city had been revitalised like the Malešice Park – for the benefit to its inhabitants. The largest public park in Prague 10 was renovated in 2013, and since then it has been frequently used by dog keepers, families with children, sportsmen, and senior citizens because there is something for any age of these groups: entertainment, attractions, relax.

How to get there

The Malešice Park was built in the 1960s, together with the adjacent Malešice housing estate. On the northern side, the park borders on the Malešice Forest, and it is surrounded by Malešická, U Krbu and Cerhenická Streets. The nine-hectare park offered calm secluded places and greenery to the Prague citizens even back then. However, it became better known only after the modern reconstruction, which took place between 2011 and 2013, cost CZK 120 million and was partially financed by the EU funds.

You can get there by car (in this case, park your car in the adjacent streets) or on foot from the Malešice Park or Plaňanská bus stops where buses from the Želivského metro A line station stop.

Barrier-free park and playground

The Malešice Park is so unique because of its variability. The large park was designed in cooperation with local paraplegics as a barrier-free area with children’s playgrounds and attractions. During the reconstruction, hundreds of new trees were planted in the park. There are also many benches. Besides reconstructed paths, two bicycle circuits (one with an undulating profile for in-line skaters) were added. There are also exercising zones for senior citizens, disadvantaged people and dog keepers who can let their dogs off the leash at specially designed areas.

Paradise for children of all ages

Children will be excited about the local attractions the most. In the summer, the water elements are the most popular: the troughs, pumps, water mills, cascades, dams and fountains will not let them stay dry, so do not forget to take spare clothes with you. The cycle track with waves and a softened surface can be used for bikes, scooters, and push bikes.

Older children will feel like Spidermen on the rope web or large swing. They can also try the strength of sound on the stone organ and reflecting sounds at the wall or communicate through long tubes. There is also a regular playground with sand, slides and climbing frames.

Modern and environmentally friendly

The park with its facilities and functionality is an example of the urbanism of the 21st century cities. Some lighting is powered by solar panels, and there is an environmentally friendly system of retention of water from both rain and the water elements. During the periods of hot and dry weather, the park trees and lawns are irrigated.

Since you can spend a whole day in the park, there are also barrier-free social facilities with changing tables overseen by a park custodian. Given the financial support from the EU, there could not be established a profit-making refreshment shop, however, you can enjoy your own picnic on the lawn. If you get thirsty, there are special fountains with drinkable water.