Do you want to find a home that you won’t have to leave with every change in your living situation? Don’t you want to get used to a new environment and different living surroundings each time, or keep learning new ways to get home over and over again? Find a partner in the area who can offer you a suitable apartment every time, without actually moving to a new address. You can get housing without a realtor and with services you’d be unlikely to find in one place elsewhere.

Find your home

The problem of finding a suitable home that one doesn’t have to leave, for example, when starting to work or starting a family, is the most serious. A university student preparing for a future career needs a different apartment than a young couple with a child. However, housing in Prague 2, for example, can be solved with the perspective of many happy years. This is made possible by the Albertov Rental Apartments project, which offers ranging in size from a studio (1+kk) to a four-bedroom apartment (4+kk). If you want to live with your partner and your original home no longer suits you, you can move to another apartment within the same complex.

Leave the apartment worries to others

The Albertov residential area will also relieve you of the worries usually associated with living in a residential area. The apartments are fully equipped with custom-made furniture, including common appliances. As for the kitchen, for example, you only need to buy ingredients, everything else is already in place. Of course there is Wi-Fi internet access as well. Maintenance and repairs will be taken care of by the property manager. You can enjoy the services of the reception as well as the benefits of the whole complex with a shop and a restaurant.

Convenience for you and your visitors

If you have former colleagues, friends you met abroad or family members visiting, you can have them close by without losing any comfort. Albertov Rental Apartments has commission-free short-term housing for your guests, so your loved ones will be staying in the same complex as you. You can enjoy your time together without any hassle.