The of brightly colored walls are over. Residential interiors are dominated by simple lines, airiness and lots of light. White color and its milky shades are fashionable again. According to interior designers, different shades of purple are the hit of the year 2016. Be inspired by the current trends, and choose a combination that will emphasize the atmosphere of your home.

Two colors are enough

Before selecting the colors, think about the size and lighting of your rooms. Plenty of natural light allows you to use darker shades that make the space seem smaller. Always avoid generous combinations – the current trend allows for two dominant colors in the room at most.

White variations

Neutral white walls are fashionable again! The clean white background will let all accessories and decorations stand out and create a great contrast to the designer furniture and art objects. You will never get tired of the power and elegance of white, and if you do, it will allow you for countless color experiments with the room equipment.

The dim white color is also great when you choose interior doors. It will brighten up the space, leaving the variability of the furniture arrangement unaffected.

Light purple for relaxation

Soothing colors, i.e. the shades of mauve, purple and lilac, are “in”. Delicate lavender creates a great base for the play of evening shadows in western rooms in the bedroom or living room. If you want to relax in a comfortable relaxing environment at the end of the day, light purple tones are the perfect choice.

The elegance of dark shades

Braver people might be enthralled with dark purple (aubergine). High gloss purple stands out in the bathroom and toilets. Its magnificent shade with a hint of yellow can also be used in lobbies or libraries. It will enhance smaller spaces, such as the hall, reading room with a library, etc.

According to interior designers, the ashy color is the perennial star. It has been highly popular thanks to its tasteful combinations with white and black accessories. A touch of blue and light purple in the Parma variant makes any living room seem balanced and familiar.

Colors for the floors

Lighter colors have been used also for floor coverings. Natural or lightly-bleached oak is the most popular material. Furniture fabrics are most commonly used in natural colors – earthy shades are proven classics both for sofas, and chair and bed upholstery. Curtains or drapes can be in similar tones.