In Prague, there are two curling halls – in Zbraslav and in Roztyly. They are open to the public, company events, lessons for beginners, and amateur and professional competitions. New members are welcome.

Curling dates back to the 16th century when the game was played on frozen Scottish lakes. However, it has not become popular until 1998, when the sport was incorporated into the Olympics games in Nagano. As a team game where a sense of distance and well thought-out strategy are more important than speed and strength, curling has become a well-liked pastime for groups of friends and it is getting more and more popular. In Prague, for example, there are curling clubs for both children and youth at both the halls.

World curling in Roztyly

Thanks to the modern curling hall in Roztyly, Prague has become a base for many players from Central Europe. The hall with four lanes was built in 2004 and it is a critically acclaimed building, both in terms of architecture and function. It serves Czech professionals, juniors, handicapped sportsmen, and the public. To book a private lesson, company event or your own competition, you need to use the form on the hall’s website.

In Roztyly, anyone who can throw a twenty-kilo stone as close to the target centre at the end of the lane as possible, including players from the age of eight, is welcome. You do not need any equipment for the game; the team members can rent not only the brooms and lane, but also hire an instructor. All you need are clean indoor shoes and warm clothing (a sweatshirt and elastic trousers) – the temperature in the hall is between six and nine degrees Celsius.

Curling in Zbraslav

The Třešňovka Centre in Zbraslav has two curling lanes that are open every weekday from 8 AM to 10 PM and at the weekends from 9 AM to 9 PM. When making a reservation, don’t forget to check the event calendar. An hour lesson of curling for beginners with a trainer costs CZK 300, and you will learn the basic movements on the ice, throwing the stone and sweeping. The minimum age of 12 is recommended for the lesson.

Street curling without ice!

Curling is also played in other Czech cities thanks to the growing number of enthusiasts. Currently, there are curling teams in Jičín, Plzeň, Trutnov, and Opočno.

If there is no curling hall nearby, do not give up. You can try the so-called street curling – a lane with all the equipment can be transferred and assemble almost anywhere, even outside when it is warm. You only need a flat surface of about 15 x 5m. Street curling can liven up any public or social events, both children and adults enjoy it, and it can be ordered with the installation and an instructor.

Something for curling spectators

If you only want to watch curling competitions, you could not choose a more convenient sport. In both the halls in Prague – Zbraslav and Roztyly –, admission to all weekend games is free. Moreover, fans do not sit on cold stands but on spectator seats in restaurants, so you can enjoy the match in comfort and warm. The calendar of matches can be found on the Czech Curling Federation website.