In the previous century, toilet tables were part of the bedroom of every woman with a higher social status. Today, similar pieces of furniture can hardly be found in most households, which is a shame. Yet, they pep up the bedroom or girl’s room interior, and moreover, every woman deserves a beauty space for herself.

Only for women

You must know the scenes from historical films where a noblewoman smartens herself up in her beauty space, disturbed by nobody. Are you turning green with envy when you recall the morning fights over the bathroom with the rest of family? If you are tired of looking for your make-up all over the place, putting on the make-up in the car, in the office or somewhere else, arrange your own beauty space right in the bedroom. It will belong only to you and your cosmetic and hair rituals.

A chest of drawers can be enough

You can create your beauty zone from a chest of drawers – just place a mirror on it and you fill up the drawers with make-up and cosmetics for your morning and evening routine. It is better than standing above the basin in the bathroom but still, it’s not perfect. Spoil yourself with a toilet table. Ideally, it should be placed by the bedroom window or a wall perpendicular to the window so that you have enough daylight but don’t get dazzled too much.

Lighting, design, and mirrors

If you choose a toilet table without a mirror, you can also use it as a small desk. But the most desired tables do have mirrors. You can create a perfect beauty space with a combination of a toilet table, stool and lit mirror; such a table can be placed even in a darker part of the room. For your evening preparations, you will certainly need artificial light, so place the table near a socket. There are both massive corner and narrow tables which do not take up much space; simple design tables with few drawers, and richly decorated table in the ancient style on the market.

Finally some space for your make-up and jewellery!

Most women like making themselves look beautiful, so they want a toilet table with as many drawers, pegs, holders and organisers for cosmetics, scents and jewellery as possible. Storage space is a key. But bear in mind the possibilities of your bedroom, its style and the space available. A well-chosen toilet table can fine-tune the room in an incredible way. What’s more: you will start every morning in peace, without stress, and knowing you look good.