The unusual views of Albertov, Vyšehrad and the remote Petřín Hill in the peaceful Ztracenka Park will soothe your soul.

Landscaped gardens with benches are a nice contrast to the hustle of the metropolis, and the locals seem to enjoy this “place for meditation” a lot.

The lost park…

It was not always the case. Until 2010, the Ztracenka garden was devastated. It was dominated by the impassable terrain and there were only a few paths on the overgrown hillside. Historically, the place served as a vineyard and orchard, and there was a children’s playground in the 20th century. In the 1990s, the park began to decay and overgrow, and it was considered “lost”.

Expensive restoration

The beautiful new park was opened in September 2010 after four years of an extensive renovation that cost CZK 25 million. The project by architect Michal Gavlas transformed the dismal jungle into a garden with illuminated pavements and Italian architecture. Brick walls on the hillside created terraces offering quiet sitting on many benches. Sick old poplars were cut down and replaced with 77 young trees and many flowerbeds.

No dogs and sportsmen

The Ztracenka Park is an oasis of calm and reflection. If you’re tired, relax on the Albertov slopes where time passes more slowly. There is no children’s playground, but the staircase makes the place wheelchair inaccessible. You cannot ride a bike or do any sports (including jogging) in the park. Dogs aren’t allowed either. The Ztracenka Park is open only to pedestrians who look for relaxation and harmony.

How to get there

The Ztracenka Park is situated on the slopes surrounded by Karlov, Albertov, and the New Town city walls. You can get there from the Albertov tram stop, or through the Folimanka Park from Ostrčilovo Square. The garden is closed for the night, and it is open every day from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.