Have you heard of indoor surfing? It is becoming more and more popular, and it is clear why – it has brought entertainment and beach pleasure to cities. Thanks to a modern simulator, anybody from 6 to 99 years of age can now enjoy the delightful feeling of surfing a wave, for example, in Prague Letňany.

Surfing like in Hawaii

This kind of entertainment will fascinate both beginners and advanced sportsmen. It simulates the feeling of classical surfing, and as for the surfing tricks, it allows even more of them. Indoor surfing offers a unique experience in any weather – entertainment for families and groups of friends. This adrenalin sport with competitions and exhibitions where surfers can show off with their somersaults, flips and other tricks is getting more and more popular all over the world.

A party for the 21st century? Cocktails, music, and surfing!

The first artificial wave for the public was built in Texas in 1991, and since then hundreds of them have been built in global cities. Prague has a surf arena as well – the multifunctional complex with an indoor surfing simulator, music club, café and outdoor terrace is a dream-come-true for many business and private parties.

Even more tricks than in the sea

The indoor surfing simulator is a special pool, where a strong stream of water is constantly driven on a soft foundation. Every newcomer first attends a training lesson on how to behave on the simulator, and then, they can happily frolic on the waves for minutes or hours, depending on their reservation. The easiest way is to begin is to surf on your belly; then try to kneel on the board, and finally, stand up and try tricks such as carves, jumps, tube riding or other manoeuvres.

An adventure day in the Surf Arena

You can enjoy the experience in the Letňany Surf Arena yourself or buy it as a present for an individual or a group from CZK 590. The voucher is valid for a year and you need to book your time in the on-line calendar on the operator’s website. There are also various seasonal events and discounts. The Surf Arena also organizes a children’s club, a summer camp and competitions in indoor surfing. As a viewer, you can come anytime and relax in the local restaurant, café, or bar.

You can easily get to the Surf Arena in Prague 9 by the public transport – for example, by bus from the Letňany metro station to the Tupolevova stop. The wet suit and surfboard are included in the admission fee. Do take your own towel, swimwear and shower gel, just like you do when you go to a swimming pool. After each class, you can download a video of your experience to your own or bought USB.