French-style homes combine the grand past with the comfort of modern times. They are nonchalant and chic like the French themselves. You will immediately fall in love with the perfect harmony of their white shades inspired by the beauty of nature.

There is no white like the other

The softness of the French white lies in its strong oil base. On the walls and furniture, it often changes into beige and gray. White with a touch of patina is everywhere you look. However, the well-known acrylic shine is hard to find in the interiors of the French countryside. The shades of white are brightened up by the sunlight and floral patterns on textile accessories.

The interplay of light tones

In the French style, dark elements are represented only by wood. The amazing atmosphere of calm and majestic elegance of the white color are underscored by more bright colors in the interior. Milky blue, pink, creamy or lilac colors, however, never dominate the space. They just illustrate the flawless, simple, yet sophisticated design of each room.

Beauty is in the details

Decorations play an important role in French-style homes. They gently blend and evoke the atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Rooms are livened up by fresh and dried flowers, fruit bowls, small pillows, warm blankets, and tablecloths in the dining room. The symbol of the French countryside are wicker baskets of all sizes and shapes. The image of a cozy home in every room is perfect.

Rural living in the lap of luxury

Rustic rooms are dominated by beamed ceilings contracting the bright white walls and antique furniture. Opulent chandeliers are a significant element, too. The living room includes a reading corner with a robust chair, a lamp, soft pillows, and a warm blanket. Light curtains are rather decorative in nature; to keep the direct sun out, more practical shutters are used.

The palace bedroom

Do you like the French style? Try first in your bedroom which includes only a few pieces of furniture. The desired atmosphere of the French countryside can be created mainly with textile accessories.

The space might be dominated by a metal or wooden bed with a simple round front frame, many lace pillows and a flowing bed cover. The fabrics, including the pure white linen, are usually from a light linen or muslin. Plenty of storage space can be found in a classical dresser or wardrobe matching the bed. The walls are decorated with paintings and long mirrors in richly decorated frames. Think of airiness even in small rooms. Let the morning breeze flow through the soft drapes, and get up full of energy!

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