Many of Prague’s districts are easily and quickly accessible by car, but the problem arises when you arrive. There are not enough parking spaces in the capital city. If you’re visiting a particular place or running an errand, for example, you may be fine. But imagine driving around your place of residence every day, desperately looking for a few square meters to park your car and get home after a busy workday.

A good address includes parking

The solution can be found when choosing the accommodation. Parking should be an important aspect to consider when looking for a new home. In some addresses, tenants’ parking is taken into account – you can rent the apartment with a parking space without having to make any complicated arrangements.

The landlord can take care of the parking

In Prague 2, Albertov Rental Apartments is a good choice. The modern complex is exactly the place where parking of the tenants is taken care of. Each of the apartments can be rented with a parking space. The tenant doesn’t have to ask or wait for it. Their car is 100% taken care of. This is another great advantage of living in this complex without commission.

Just walk to your car

The quality of parking at Albertov Rental Apartments is not affected by the vagaries of the weather. Whether it’s tropically hot or snowing outside, vehicles are parked in ideal conditions under the roof. All parking spaces are located in the underground. Tenants can just walk to their cars from their apartments.

Modern services go without saying

Albertov Rental Apartments in Prague offers its services to people looking for short-term accommodation and/or long-term rentals. The apartments are fully furnished and ready to move in immediately. Tenants can expect modern interiors, including custom-made furniture, television, and the wireless Internet. Maintenance and repairs are provided by the building managers; cleanliness is taken care of by the local cleaning service; clients are served by professional receptionists. The premises also include an established restaurant, a supermarket, and other services.