If you want to experience the real Prague, stop being a tourist. The Praguers know their city the best and they will be happy to share it with you. Only they know where you can eat the best meals and drink the best beer. They will show you the authentic places of the Czech metropolis and the way its inhabitants think.

In Prague with the Praguers

You will experience a different dimension of travelling together with five friends and guides from the Taste of Prague. These hundred percent Praguers and people who love their city and gastronomy will show you many places you would hardly visit a tourist. Roaming around obscure restaurants and bars, you will experience the real atmosphere of the capital and learn to understand the local mentality.

A journey into the depth of the Czech soul

The Taste of Prague project is unique – you don’t follow a guide from one place to another, listening to his lecture full of boring numbers and facts. With the Taste of Prague, you can simply grab a beer with a friend and chat. They will show you their favourite bars and during the conversation, they will tell you about childhood during socialism, problems that bother the young and older generation of Czechs today and what kind of visions the Czech society has.

If you don’t want to be just an observer but long to experience the real country you are visiting, don’t go on the usual sightseeing tours. Everything important is happening right around you, in the streets of Prague, in restaurants, bars, and other public spaces.

The way to a country’s heart is through its stomach

So how do the Czechs and Praguers live? What do they do? What do they eat and drink? What is the Czech education system like? What about the local unemployment and health service? No questions will remain unanswered when you meet the people from the Taste of Prague.

You can choose from two sightseeing circuits: one is focused on restaurants offering traditional Czech gastronomy in the historical centre of Prague (the Old Town and New Town), the other one will take you out from the usual tourist areas and introduce you the new Czech cuisine. Either way, you will washing down the food with Czech beer, Czech wine or Czech liqueurs.

Top references

It is not by accident that the Taste of Prague project has the highest ratings from more than two thousand reviewers on the greatest traveller’s portal, TripAdviser, and holds the best position in the category of food and drinks. You will pay CZK 2 400 or 2 700 (depending on the type of tour) for about four hours of feasting and learning about the Czech lifestyle.