The gardens on the hillside under Prague Castle will amaze you with their beautiful views. The botanic and Italian elegance enthusiasts will be pleased. The originally defensive place has now only a representative character. Social and cultural events in the gardens are very popular.

A baroque atmosphere like nowhere else

Thank to the enlightened owners in the 19th century, the unique Prague Castle Gardens have kept their traditional historical character – the terraces, sculptures, staircases, gazebos and fountains are beautiful examples of baroque architecture. Visitors will travel back in time, feel the peace and beauty of the then less rushed society and meditate on the benches with the views of the Lesser Town and the Vltava River, just like rich burghers and noblemen used to do generations ago.

Can you find the differences between the gardens?

The whole area includes the oldest Ledebour Garden (restored in the early baroque style) adjacent to the Ledebour Palace; the baroque Pálffy Garden, adjacent to the Pálffy Palace; and the late baroque Kolowrat Garden, adjacent to the Kolowrat Palace. These gardens in the Italian baroque style are exceptional in the Czech Republic.

In the Ledebour Garden, designed at the end of the 17the century, you will find the Hercules fountain and a scenic gazebo. The Pálffy Garden is remarkable for the amazing upper terraces leading to all directions, through both the interiors and exteriors. In the Kolowrat Palace, you will climb straight stairs to a scenic terrace which is the main axis of the whole area.

A refuge above the roofs

The green vegetation in the Gardens was restored in 1995. A noon picnic or a walk around the original terraces connected with staircases, in the blooming vegetation, are now a beautiful experience. If you are tired of the busy metropolis, you will find calmness and peace there.

How to get there

Attention! The entrance connecting the Palace Gardens with Prague Castle will be permanently closed since February 2018. You will get to the Gardens only through the entrance from Valdštejnská Street, through the Kolowrat court or from Valdštejnská Street through the Ledebour Palace passage. The closest metro stop is Malostranská of the green A line; the tram No. 22 will bring you to the Palace Gardens from the city centre (Malostranské náměstí stop).

The Gardens are closed in adverse weather conditions and in the winter, and they are open from March to October from 10AM till 6PM. A guided tour of the Palace Gardens takes about half an hour, and the full entrance is CZK 100. No reservation is necessary.