Is it better to buy a cheaper apartment in the suburbs or to invest heavily in accommodation in the city center? Do you wonder who to consult or ask for advice or where to get sufficient resources? Did do you know that you could avoid such a dilemma?

As many services as you need

Housing in the suburbs is more affordable, of course. But if you work in the city center, you’ll have to commute, either by car or public transportation. Moreover, newly built neighborhoods often lack basic amenities. It will be difficult to find a doctor or dentist and even harder to find specialists. There are also fewer shops than in other parts of Prague.

Housing in the city center is attractive

The city center, for example Prague 2, is a significantly better choice. The historical core, with the sights and the atmosphere of a centuries-old metropolis, is within your grasp. You can get to your home by car or use the fast and reliable metro services for shorter distances. Accommodation in this neighborhood, however, is quite expensive. But your dreams may come true even without a mortgage or commission paid to a real estate agency.

Rent an apartment

You can solve the problem by renting an apartment in the city center directly from the owner, for example, Albertov Rental Apartments. You will have good accommodation in the city center near Vyšehrad, you won’t have to worry about the property, and you’ll be able to devote your time only to your family, work, school, or hobbies. The complex is part of a city neighborhood with shops and many services, including hairdressers, beauticians, and cleaners. There is also a nursery school for the smallest children, and both children and adults can do sports in the local amenities.

Short-term and long-term rentals

Albertov Rental Apartments offers apartments with one to four bedroom. So, whether you’re looking for a home for yourself, your children studying at university or for your family, do rent an apartment. Prague, including the city center, is now becoming affordable to everyone.