Furnishing a single-person household depends on your lifestyle and priorities. Do you want to be single just temporarily, or for years? Do you need a peaceful study room, or do you often have many visitors? It is important to answer these questions before you go shopping and start moving furniture.

Contact an interior designer

It is logical. If you want to occupy small space permanently, do not hesitate to approach an interior designer and a joiner, investments in the functional organization of the apartment and tailored furniture will pay off. To transform a small apartment into a functional household, you need some fantasy, experience, and creativity. Do not be shy to approach an interior designer – the result will be just as important as in the case of a family house.

A small apartment forever? Or will you move to a bigger one?

Honestly, most small apartments are just for the start. They are occupied either by singles who find a partner and start a family after a few years, or successful workaholics, but once they get older, they want and need more space. Keep this fact in your mind and furnish your first household accordingly. Invest only in things you can later sell or take with you to another apartment. As for your hobbies and interests into accessories, you can project those in accessories – clocks, textiles, wallpapers, carpets and so on.

How to optically enlarge a small apartment

For the walls in a small apartment, use light colours to create a feeling of airy space. You will create the same illusion also with mirrors – on a wall in the hallway or on the closets. A divider, a bookshelf, sliding walls or Venetian blinds hanging from the ceiling will help you change even a cramped studio into several “rooms” and separate the living space from the bedroom or the working desk.

A budget household for one person

Use the hallway, which is usually quite large even in small apartments, as the main storage place. Try to think where to fit a built-in closet, storage pockets, shelves and racks to save more space.

The storey bed with a cosy study or relaxing corner with two-seat sofa is still popular. As for the household appliances, choose their reduced versions – a narrower dishwasher, a washing machine with upper loading, hobs with two hotplates, a table top cooker instead of an oven. Forget large sofas and furniture – simplicity pays off. You should not forget the extractor hood to keep the smell of cooking out of the living part of the apartment.

Photo – source: Pixabay.com, Dreamstime.com