Are you going to study at university in Prague and look for accommodation? Or are you a parent trying to find the best accommodation for your child during their studies? You may already realize that living in the campus or renting a room in someone else’s apartment is not the best solution – students cannot study undisturbed and use the services they need. Good and safe independent accommodation is much better. And you can find it even without real estate agencies.

Student life in the center of Prague

A student apartment in the heart of Prague is the best choice. Metro stations, tram and bus stops are everywhere, you can use the bike paths in the city center, and you can stroll in nearby parks. If you choose student housing in Prague 2, for example, you can be always on time and don’t have to waste tens of minutes in the traffic, and you can use a plethora of cultural and sporting facilities. And if you stay in the Albertov Rental Apartments near Vyšehrad, you’ll be able to use the nearby tennis courts, the swimming pool in Podolí, the renowned restaurants, and theatres and cinemas.

Flexible lease

When looking for a student apartment, you don’t have to be bound by a long-term contract or any other redundant terms and conditions. A good owner will let you choose the rental period according to your needs. If your personal situation changes (you may need more space for a partner, younger sibling, or school friend), it’s easy to exchange the apartment and agree on new terms. Fair, commission-free housing also includes the necessary equipment, so you don’t have to buy furniture or move it from home.

Feels like home

If you don’t want to spend your valuable time doing household chores, you can relax. Cleaning and reception services are included in the rent. If you choose to live in the Albertov Rental Apartments, you can have a hot meal whenever you want. There’s a full-day delivery restaurant, Potrefená husa, right in the premises. Alternatively, you can go for dinner or have beer, wine, or drinks in any nearby restaurant and bars. The apartment also has an equipped kitchen, including a refrigerator, hob, microwave, dishwasher, coffee machine, and kettle.

Amenities and a place for study

Good housing in Prague, however, doesn’t mean you don’t have to study and work hard – and we can offer you the best conditions for doing just that. The apartment equipment includes a suitable desk, plenty of storage space, and the much-needed high-speed Internet connection. Choose accommodation that includes high-quality Wi-Fi (for studying as well as watching movies) and technological services that will immediately resolve any problem. And then… your carefree student life may begin!