In the Museum of Senses, it’s not enough to look around; you have to become part of this crazy exhibition. Don’t be surprised when you walk on the ceiling, have a face of another visitor or suddenly grow bigger. Optical and other illusions will persuade even the touch-me-nots how deep and fantastic perceptions can be. Do take some pictures!

Motto: you’ll never see the world like before

The Museum of Senses in the centre of Prague offers more than 50 interactive attractions, from completely distorted rooms to funny installations. The exhibition creators say that both children and suspicious adults will like the Museum. You’ll learn many new things, feel what you have never felt, and see the magic you haven’t understood before.

More senses, more perceptions

The five basic senses is just the beginning. The aim of the exhibition in the Museum of senses is to arouse the visitors’ senses! They say there are at least nine senses, and scientists often work with twenty one of them. How does our brain accept and interpret everything around us? We can trust our instincts or intuition which is often the same: our senses and their combinations tell us more.

Warning! Nothing is as it seems

If you want to know how easy it is to deceive your senses, visit the Museum. Some people may be confused by the experiences; others will be happy to learn something new. You won’t be able to have a rest even in the toilets. The exhibition takes from tens of minutes to two hours, and it’s also suitable for foreign visitors and small children from the age of five.

How to get there

The Museum of Senses is in Jindřišská Street, halfway between the Main Train Station (the metro C line station) and Wenceslas Square. The nearest metro station is Můstek on the green A metro line; there is also a tram stop in Jindřišská Street. The Museum of Senses is a few minute walk from both. It is open from Monday to Sunday, from 9AM to 9PM, but there are usually many visitors at the weekends, so it’s better to come on weekdays.

The entrance fee depends on the experience – one-time admission for adults is CZK 290; children from five to fifteen years of age pay CZK 170, and families CZK 690. For larger groups of ten and more people, special terms of visit can be negotiated. You can also buy refreshment in the Museum and games and puzzles in the gift shop.