Small and nice. That’s how visitors describe the Zájezd Zoo. There are enough animals to admire, but not too many, so you don’t get too tired or weary. There’s a great family atmosphere and you can feel it. As if the animals were happy to see visitors: they like showing up, and you can even stroke some of them.

Happy animals

When you see the zookeepers, you’ll understand – their kindness is reflected in the behaviour and trust of the animals. The zoo was founded by enthusiasts in 1998, and today, you can see more than 80 species of domestic and exotic animals there. The zoo has been designed mainly for children – they can enter the pen for the goats, feed pigs, or cuddle with the biggest rabbit in the world.

Six species of lemurs, and more

The zoo area is divided into two parts – the first one includes terrariums where you can observe mainly small animals; the second one is more open, with pens for llamas, sheep, goats, horses, a camel, and other species where you can move freely. The zoo has many inhabitants and you can read the information about them on information boards with QR codes.

As close to animals as possible

The Zájezd Zoo boasts of a terrarium with chameleons and lemurs – if you see them being fed, you can expect a unique experience. The zoo also offers guided tours that take you closer to the animals than you have ever imagined. You’ll find out that llamas can spit but that they are no match to camels…

How to get there

The zoo is in the village of Zájezd, not far from Prague, 10km from Kladno, and 15km from Slaný. You can take the bus number 624 there. The tour takes two to three hours. The zoo is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and the full admission is CZK 100.

The zoo services improve every year. Since last year, more attractions for children, pens, terrariums and new species have been added. Those who like to come back, can buy a trip pass for 10 entries with a quarter discount, valid for two years.

You can park your car close to the zoo for free and get to the first pens by a pleasant, two-kilometre walk in the nature (there’s also an educational trail). In the zoo, there is a children’s playground and two refreshment stands, but if you want to have lunch, go to the pub in the village. Otherwise, don’t forget to take snacks with you!