Mirrors visually enlarge any room and brighten up even the darkest corners. Such is the magical power of interior mirrors. Their potential in the interior design is huge, but just as they can improve the interior, they can also do harm in the hands of the inexperienced. What to watch out for before you put them on the wall? Get inspired by our tips and ideas.







Magic mirrors work in every flat

There is a plethora of mirrors in the market, so it’s difficult to choose. Some mirrors just decorate the interior, others are primarily functional, but the best mirrors can do both. To find an ideal a mirror in terms of the daily light and reflection is quite difficult, but the result is worth the effort. Dark rooms suddenly become full of light, narrow corridors seem broader, and bedrooms radiate positive energy.

Where to put the mirrors?

For narrow corridors, choose thin tall mirrors that make the space optically larger. To create a sense of infinity, you can hang two mirrors facing each other. But be careful: this trick is suitable only for walk-through rooms; long glances into the mirror nothingness can cause headaches.

You should also be careful when placing a mirror against the window. A properly adjusted mirror can enrich the room with natural light, but a different angle or a few inches to the side can mean that the sunrays might dazzle you at certain times of the day. Do your best and find the ideal position.

Use a round mirror with a robust frame to make your living room or bedroom cosier. Do you have a wall full of framed photos and paintings? Try to hang smaller oval mirrors among them, and see how the wall livens up. Use your fantasy, and create unique and original patterns from mirror tiles which are ideal for staircases or entrance halls.

Decorative and practical function

If you plan to have mirrors as aesthetic decorations for your rooms, think about their design. If you want a mainly functional mirror, choose a sufficient size, so that even the tall members of the family can see themselves – this is especially important in the busy bathroom.

A mirror in the bedroom – yes or no?

According to Feng Shui, mirrors charge the room with energy, and one of them should be in the bedroom – but a lot of people find mirrors in the bedroom uncomfortable. Instead of a large mirror, decorate the wall above the bedhead with small mirror leaves, creating a spectacular ornament. You can also get a tailor-made mirror, cut into a desired shape matching the unique interior.

Pay attention to the frame

A perfect mirror needs a perfect frame. Choose massive frames or unobtrusive edges, decorated or moderate frames, frames made of shells, stones, wood, silver, or tin – according to the interior.

Frames permeates the surface of the mirror create an interesting effect as well. Such a mirror looks rather like a painting or stained glass window, and it’s ideal, for example, for entrance halls we seem to forget about. At first glance, it’s an original decoration, but it’s also practical – just look into the mirror before you leave, and off you go.

Photo – source: Pixabay.com, Dreamstime.com