A girls bedroom is an untouched fortress filled with treasures. Where the dreams contain, living in a castle and becoming a future bride. How do you create a place full of these girlie fantasies and preserve the functionality of a child and then further on a student’s room? Follow the wishes or footsteps of your daughter. Together you can get inspired in our gallery full of great ideas!

Room with a variable face

The most ideal furniture should be white. Tastes of young madams with their rapid growth changes quickly and neutral colors, such as white can always embellish new additions. Using stylish drapes, carpeting, bedspread, and pillows can be remodeled painlessly and quickly with the whole character of the room, depending on momentary feelings of growing girls.

Conjure with Stickers

The same service will also demonstrate self-adhesive wall decorations or furniture. Which girl would refuse to sleep in the middle of a blossoming meadow, a flock of butterflies or next to her favorite animals? What she wants for herself now can be removed in the future and replaced with posters of her musical idols or pictures of her memories with friends.

Redundant pink?

If you opt for practical white furniture, the colored wall will be completely removed. Children tolerate stodgy and cheerful colors especially in a girl’s room. Do not be tied down purely into girly pink or purple colors. Selections are obviously more colorful! Deliberately, show your little girl many proposals and fill the picture painted rooms. Perhaps she’ll end up sticking with a shade of pink, perhaps not. In a few years everything will have to be done differently, once again.

In addition to the fine pink, girls prefer a combination with colors like, lilac or pale blue. Also orange is popular, which fits nicely with dark brown, green, or turquoise furnishings.

Paint only two walls

Saturated colors should not be used on all walls. Room then gives off an unnecessary impression of a cramped room. It will be more than enough when one or two walls are painted over with a color and the rest left neutral white. Colors give life in a girl’s room, while white retains a pleasant feeling of softness and elegance.

Dresser or closet ?

Storage space is crucial in a girls’ room. From a toddler, to when children are surrounded by toys, until after puberty. The room endlessly alternates different forms a study section, closet, and a fashionable pier. Preschool girls may simply desire dressers and shelves, but in the future certainly count on a larger wardrobe and a long mirror.

The more outlets, the better

Shelve compartments conveniently serve firstly for toys, and later as a library. Remember small rooms equipped with many decorative boxes, piggy banks, or any other compartments. Little girls love to hide their valuable treasures in these boxes and are also suitable to all peaceful, organized young ladies.

Bed for a sense of security

A place to sleep is the most important part of each room. For girls often means refuge, where they have peace and privacy. They like to hide here and sink into the soft duvets, pillows and stuffed animals. The bed should be situated with the bed frame against the wall plus a suited addition is a less showy veil. The trend is imprinted into the bed box sets, which surrounds it on three sides. Undisturbed sleep is guaranteed!

Photo – source: Pixabay.com