Modern kitchen is not only about the latest design trends and fads: it prides itself on high quality materials, safety, and mainly practicality.

When arranging a modern kitchen, choose durable materials that are easy to maintain. Do not underestimate safety, either. Even if there are no small children or pets in your home, one can never be cautious enough. The practical arrangement of kitchen appliances and cabinets and an ample storage area will not only smooth your movement in the kitchen, but it will also ensure your safety when handling hot dishes. Today there is a plethora of accessories that will make your cooking and the subsequent cleaning easier. You will surely appreciate, for example, a self-cleaning oven or special stainless steel fingerprint resistant surfaces.
An oven located on top will relieve your back – you will not have to bend down when baking any more. The comfort can be enhanced by kitchen slides which also eliminate the possibility of burns.

The current trend is to have the kitchen in the living space. A clear advantage is the fact that the hosts are not separated from the others. They can prepare the food while talking to the guests. The kitchen is not a messy place any more. The used dishes can be put away in the dishwasher and you don’t have to worry about the smell of the upcoming courses, either: a good extractor hood absorbs the steam and any odours.

If the space permits, create the so-called kitchen island. Not only does it separate the living room from the kitchen, but it will also provide a larger work surface and storage space or a cooktop. As an alternative, you can have a bar counter which elegantly separates the zones and serves as a space for serving. It can also replace the dining area. In addition, your kitchen will not only have style, but it will also be comfortable.

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