Are you one of those who find it hard to say goodbye to the summer? Autumn has a lot to offer though! A range of so many colours, romantic sunsets, and the smell of ripening fruits… Let the autumn come to your home and create a magic atmosphere with inventive decorations. Some seasonal trends will never lose its attraction!







A big bouquet of corn

It is time to replace wilting flowers in the vase with something more lasting, for example, corn. You would not believe how idyllic a bouquet of wheat in an older enamelled water vessel can look! Wheat straws do not need water, and if you keep them out of sunshine, they can last several autumns and still look good. If you have a wickerwork tray, use it as a mat; to enhance the impression of a farm table, place several small white pumpkins around the vase.

Original pumpkin vases

Easy, yet incredibly impressive and functional! The choice of pumpkin size and colour is up to you – you can try to combine different colours and shapes. First, cut out a ‘pot-lid’ around the pumpkin stalk with a small knife and scoop out all the seeds.

You can use the vase as it is or you fill with polystyrene foam (stick it with hot glue) to stick picked branches, leaves, high grass or grains in it. A bouquet of briers or rowanberries looks very nice, and you add a pine cone or a chestnut to it. There are no limits to your fantasy in autumn!

Decorate the walls with colourful trees

Another trendy tip is a wall decoration in the form of landscape that can replace a commonplace picture and evoke the autumn atmosphere.

Pictures made of moss and everlasting flowers

Bring the needed material from a walk in the forest – a few branches, moss, smaller cones etc. Then you will need a hot glue gun, a wooden frame (the size is up to you but we recommend to start with a smaller one) and old pieces of fabric or leather to wrap some cardboard and create the background of the picture.

And what to create in the prepared frame? Try a tree with fruits. For the tree-crown, use some moss and decorate it with everlasting flowers, briers, or whatever you have at hand. You can place a twig in it and decorate the surroundings with dry beans, chestnuts, nutshells, pistachios or maize.

Entertainment for children: autumn drawings

Don’t feel like creating ‘artwork’? Never mind, you and your children will certainly enjoy creating a tree from fallen leaves on a sheet of paper. Just don’t forget to dry the picked-up leaves properly between waxed papers before you work with. Tip: don’t glue the leaves all over their surface, let their edges lay loosely, so that they stick out a bit, and layer one on another to create a tree-crow from top to the bottom – this way, you will get a more natural effect.

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