The New Town Hall lives! You can visit a lot of pleasant events at this national cultural monument in Charles Square in Prague. The original historic premises of the New Town Hall are a great scene for various exhibitions, festivals, concerts, and wedding ceremonies. Tourists are impressed by the view from the tower gallery.

From an execution ground to the cultural stronghold of the city

The New Town Hall dates back to the founding of the New Town by King Charles IV in 1348. During its existence, this monumental building has faced many religious and political upheavals. Among other things, two Prague defenestrations, when high officials were dropped out of its windows, took place there.

The New Town Hall was built as an administrative centre of the New Town; later, it was the seat of the court, and it also served as a prison. In 1839, there was a trial with Babinský, the famous robber; the last prisoners included Milada Horáková, the victim of the communist fabricated processes in the 1950s.

Today, after the complete reconstruction of the devastated premises, the New Town Hall serves the citizens of Prague and tourists as a place of daily meetings and numerous cultural events. You can learn about the life of the blind at the Invisible Exhibition, play the adventurous escape game about the treasure of Charles IV, or experience an unconventional tour of the interiors guided by the Minor Theatre actors.

Look around Prague

The 70-meter tower of New Town Hall was built in 1456, and it has survived many war periods and repeated lightning strikes. Originally, it served as a “fire-view tower” for New Town; later, the trumpeter played his instrument on the tower every hour, announcing the exact time.

Today, you can buy tickets for cultural events at the New Town Hall in the tower box. The tower gallery features short-term exhibitions of photographs and unconventional paintings all year. When climbing up the 221 steps, stop on the first floor of the tower to visit the original Gothic chapel, rebuilt in Baroque style and dedicated to the Assumption of Mary the Virgin Mary and St. Wenceslas.

Stylish weddings at the New Town Hall

A white wedding in a town hall seems an old-fashioned thing to do today, but not at the New Town Hall! The bride and groom will say their yes in the ceremonial hall on the first floor of the east wing of this monument building. The ground floor entrance for wedding guests, the so-called Mázhaus, will impress every newcomer. It is a beautiful portico hall with a vault which has been preserved as the only non-sacred late Gothic hall in Bohemia. Other period halls and lounges with original historical features can be rented for family celebrations or banquets.

Opening hours and guided tours

The opening hours of the New Town Hall depend on the cultural events taking place there. Except for the winter season, the New Town Hall tower is open to the public regularly, from Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (except for the lunch break between 12 a.m. and 1 p.m.). The tickets cost CZK 60, the reduced entrance fee is CZK 40. If you have a ticket from the Old Town Hall’s tour, you can also use it at the New Town Hall tower.

How to get there?

The New Town Hall is situated in the right north corner of Karlovo náměstí Square, a few minutes from the busy tram stops Lazarská or Vodičkova. To get directly to Karlovo náměstí Square, take the yellow metro line B. It is also crossed with a number of tram lines, e.g. 3, 12, 14, 22 or 24.