Are you hungry? Would you like to enjoy some real food? Or, do you just want to relax and have fun with your friends? The residents of Albertov Rental Apartments are just a few steps away from the popular Potrefená husa restaurant. If you don’t feel like going out, the restaurant can even bring the meal to your apartment for free.

You probably walk past Potrefená husa every day. The restaurant is located at the very edge of Albertov Rental Apartments. If you haven’t been inside yet, you should stop in the next time you’re walking by. You’ll be welcomed by the cheerful and friendly staff, who smile even during the busy lunchtime hour. The restaurant is quite spacious, with two floors. On the lower floor, you can peek behind a glass screen into the kitchen and watch the hustle and bustle of the cooks preparing your meal. During the warm months, outdoor terraces are also available. There’s even a space for children: a children’s playroom and outdoor playground. At the weekend, there’s a babysitter available and the restaurant organizes activities for children.

The menu includes meals for both lovers of Czech food and those who prefer international cuisine. In addition, two weeks in every month are dedicated to gastronomic specialities from the gastronomic calendar. March will follow classic recipes from Czech cookbooks: “Goodies by M. D. Rettigová”. The restaurant emphasizes quality ingredients, often ordered directly from producers so as to have them as fresh as possible. 

The brewery-restaurant Potrefená husa offers eight beers on tap and even a greater selection of bottled beers. The beer can be tapped into our unique stoneware mugs and brought to your home. In addition to traditional soft drinks, Potrefená husa prepares home-made ginger or cucumber lemonades.  

Potrefená husa has more than one location. It’s a network of about 30 franchise restaurants all over the Czech Republic. It was founded by the Staropramen Brewing Company, which introduced the concept of modern brewery restaurants in the Czech Republic 15 years ago. 

Finally, a little tip for our residents: if it’s raining or snowing, you can get to Potrefená husa by going through the garage under the complex, and stay dry. In the summer, you can look forward to goodies from the outdoor grill.