What is the best way to start autumn? A pumpkin celebration! You have never seen as many pumpkins at one place as in the Botanical Garden in Troja, not to even mention the scale of shades of orange, green, and brown. The most colourful time of the year has come!

For energy and inspiration

You will no longer see blooming flowers in the Botanical Garden in Prague, but trees and bushes will make it up to you. As many colours as the autumn leaves offer! And in the Troja Botanical Garden, they have decided to take the autumn magic even further. You can see many types of pumpkins of all colours and shapes there, decorating the garden corners and paths, and other seasonal plants, for example briers.

Pumpkins have recently began to be used as nice autumn decorations in Czech households. When walking in the Botanical Garden, you can meditate and draw energy and inspiration for your own interior decorations.

Autumn events in the Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden has also prepared the so-called Straw Hat Fest. Experience the countryside in Prague! On Saturday 5 October, the Botanical Garden will host stands with various delicacies and a rich programme for children. The admission will cost a bit more than a daily ticket but it will include all outdoor expositions, so you can spend the whole day in the nature at the Straw Hat Festival.

The weekend on 19–20 October will be dedicated to pumpkin carving. On the last October day, Halloween with pumpkin carving and a get-together by fire will take place in the Troja Botanical Garden. From 3PM to the dusk, children can have fun taking part in various competitions and games; after 6PM, an evening parade with lit pumpkins will take off.

How to get there

You can get to the Botanical Garden, located next to the Prague Zoo, by car (and park at the adjacent car parks of the two gardens); on foot, for example through Stromovka park; by bus that goes from the Holešovice station or Kobylisy (both the stops are on the metro C line); and by a steamer or a ferry that connects Podbaba and Podhoří.

The outdoor expositions of the Troja Botanical Garden are open daily from 9AM till 7PM, in the winter season (from November to February) only till 4PM. The full admission is CZK 100; to visit also the Fata Morgana tropical glasshouse, you will pay CZK 150. The garden area is almost 30 ha, so it will be better to use a map downloaded to your smartphone.

Practical information for parents and dog keepers

The Troja Botanical Garden is open to children, seniors, handicapped people, and dog keepers. There is a baby changing table at the barrier-free toilet; you can warm up complementary food in the refreshments stand; when walking with children, you can play the game “Look for the 14 Highlights”, which you can get at the cash desk – and you can get a first-aid kit in case of injury at the same place. However, always make sure that your children do not destroy the exposition or taste poisonous exhibits… For dogs, there are drinking spots and bins with bags for excrements; they can enter the garden with their own ticket and only on a leash.