Easter is not only a Christian holiday, but also a celebration of spring. The magic bright colours of the nature will liven up the interiors, as well. Get inspired by elegant decorations, including the best known symbol of Easter – the egg.


Decorations for deft hands

Painted Easter eggs with ribbons and bows, hanging on twigs in vases, are a time-proven classic. Intact shells of blown eggs are an excellent material for colourful Easter chains that will highlight shelves or ledges.

If your children love Advent calendars, try to create a similar one before Easter. All you need is some plastic eggs and a cardboard for the background you will hang on the wall. Mark each egg with the number of the day and fill it with a surprise gift. The countdown can begin!

Easter in an elegant style

Glass vases full of blown eggs are simple decorations with a great effect. The variations of colours depend on your taste. Light shades look elegant together with spring flowers of the same colours. A colourful mixture of yellow, green and pink eggs in a transparent glass will brighten up your apartment. In addition, you can add a few branches of catkins or combine regular eggs and speckled quail eggs.

Paper Easter decorations

Crepe paper and a sheet of sturdy paper work wonders. Create chain decorations of cut out and coloured eggs together with your children for their room. You can also use paper to decorate eggs of different sizes from special hardened foam that can be bought in shops with decorations and accessories.

First, wrap the foam egg into crepe paper and apply a thick layer of flowers cut out from sturdy paper on it. Small eggs look good on candelabra on the table; big, handmade eggs can be put on flower stands and placed in the garden, under the roof or by the entrance to the house.

Easter decorations on doors

Use the symbol of the egg to decorate the door. Cut out an egg of the desired size from a cardboard box and plaster its edges with white felt for a better-looking rounded shape.

Cover the cardboard egg with a chosen textile using hot glue. For the last layer, apply a contrasting fabric to overlap the lower part of the egg and create a tight pocket. Fill the pocket with decorations, such as spring flowers or young branches. To attach the egg to the door, add a hanging loop on its back.

Photo – source: Pixabay.com