Rustic kitchens in countryside houses are incredibly attractive – they seem to emanate a peaceful atmosphere of traditional family life. But you do not have to buy an old secluded property near woods to have something similar. Use the following tips to bring the relaxed rustic style to any kitchen.

Basic features of a rustic kitchen

Do you want to feel in your kitchen like in a cottage or at grandma’s in the countryside? Rearrange it in in the spirit of the past. Combine traditional natural materials (wood, stone) and kitchen equipment (stainless steel appliances, enamelled dishes) to gain elegance which looks great both in a small and large space. Predominant natural colours – shades of brown, grey and white – will give your kitchen a warm and welcoming atmosphere of rural life.

Evergreen materials

If you have a kitchen with stone walls, hard flagged floor or wooden ceiling beams, you are half-way through. The rustic kitchen design is made for such a space. The original interior contrasts with stainless steel modern appliances, galvanized shelves or a marble kitchen desk. These details will add to the lustre of the present days, and they complement the antique massive elements made of wood and stone.

Antique furniture, stainless steel appliances

Choose the stainless steel appliances which match wooden antique furniture. In rustic kitchens, there are usually dominant painted cupboards and massive cabinets. Large farm tables with robust desktops and wooden chairs stand out in dining rooms. Wooden bar stools or high wicker chairs with metal construction are suitable for smaller spaces as well.

Both decorative and practical equipment

In the interior, let the natural colours of various wooden surface finishes stand out. Copper or enamelled dishes fit well in a rustic kitchen, and you cannot make a mistake with quality stainless steel equipment either. Do not forget ceiling strip lights. Choose a forged chandelier or a lamp with a wide textile shade. Connoisseurs will appreciate light from oil lamps, which will take amaze every visitor.

Furnish your rustic kitchen with bowls and jars of all sizes, made from materials like glass, wood, porcelain or ceramics in simple clean design. Plant flowers and herbs in earthenware pots or wicker baskets. As for textiles, use them rather frugally, the rustic style shows off the natural materials, it does not hide them. Shelves are usually open, without curtains and glass showcases.

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