Are you sensitive to the cold? It would be no surprise these days – wellness centres compete in warm wraps offers and saunas are full to bursting. We have a few tips to warm up at home – in a bath or with wraps, food and drinks. Find out what works for you.

Home-made sauna for warming up your body

A hot bath can warm you up and make you relaxed; who wouldn’t love it? And if you take a hot drink to the bath with you, the warming effect will double. You should put on warm clothes, including thick socks right after drying. For the fearless ones we have one more tip: take a cold shower for a couple of minutes after the hot bath, just like in sauna. If you can stand it, a pleasant and long feeling of warmth all over your body will be your reward.

Wraps made of miracle ginger

The ginger wrap is very effective for chilly hands and feet. Infuse 100g of fresh ginger in three litres of boiling water, then soak the compresses in the emulsion and apply them on cold limbs with breaks until the skin turns red. Similarly, you can prepare a ginger bath, but do not overdo it with the ginger and stay in the bath for a quarter of an hour at most not to burn your skin. Children, seniors, pregnant women and people with ginger intolerance should avoid these functional procedures.

Warming winter food

Our diet can be warming, too. The more calories, the more warmth; one could say… Filling food full of fat and sugar warms up our body but it does not make it more beautiful. What kind of food is both warming and healthy? Imagine grandmas’ rustic cuisine in the winter – hearty soup on the hob, lamb or game meat in the oven, and the smell of dried fruits all over. Our body talks to us through taste, and our grandmas knew it well. Why don’t you feel like having a salad now in winter like in the summer?

Winter is the soup season. Proper consommé will refresh you and warm you up, just as garlic soap or onion soup. Spicy meals with chilly, curry or ginger are warming meals, too. Also, you can treat yourself to dates or walnuts in the cold days too. Eatable chestnuts have the warming effect as well. And who wouldn’t like to have baked apples or fruit stew with cinnamon in the evening?

Hot drinks: yes but…

Many people take a shot to warm themselves up. This widespread method works only when you come home where it is warm. In cold weather, alcohol works in the opposite way: it dilates subcutaneous vessels and creates fake warm feeling but in reality, it makes you even colder. At home, the most ideal drinks for warming up are hot tea with honey and lemon (try sipping it almost boiling), coffee, ginger tea, warm cacao, mulled wine, and grog.

The best source of warmth? Human contact

None of the above-mentioned tips is as effective as human warmth though. Therefore, the final advice is straightforward: take a hot bath, make tea with lemon, prepare tasty snacks, and couch yourself under a blanket with your partner. If none of the tips warmed you up, heartfelt hugs and cuddling are going to work for sure.