Can you feel the spring in the air? Then it’s high time to bring its energy and odour to the interior. Wicker can be used to create fresh decorations for your home. We have chosen a few quick and easy tips to use spring twigs as effectively as possible.


Replace fresh-cut flowers with twigs

Do you have a large glass vase at home? Then you don’t need much more. Long spring twigs look absolutely amazing in a transparent vessel. You don’t need anything else to highlight their beauty. And if you want to make your decoration special, add fresh water-resistant fruit into the vase (such as citruses or apples). The rich colours of the fruit will make the decoration nicer and they will highlight its natural style.

Instead of glass vases, you can use old vintage vessels, metal watering cans, big boots or wicker baskets – try to think out of the box. The container doesn’t have to be anything spectacular; a small flower pot with spring plants and dangling twigs looks beautiful too.

Wreaths from willow twigs

Young spring willow or birch twigs are an excellent material for any kinds of wreaths. They are very flexible, and it’s very easy to create many shapes from them. To decorate the wreath, you can use other natural materials such as pine cones, stones, flowers, egg shells, etc. Willow wreaths wound around flower pots look very nice. You can line your nest-like decoration with moss and spring flowers, and put it on the table or hand it under the chandelier.

The wreaths on the door, windows or walls don’t have to be round; you can use two or three twigs to create a minimalist heart decorated with wide ribbons, eggs, or whatever you have at hand.

Magic with twigs

Untreated wood is the symbol of natural beauty. Floors and equipment made of solid wood are the most expensive but they make your home elegant and cosy. But not everyone can effort solid wood, so why not bring at least a piece of the forest home? Spring is an ideal season for such decorations.

To create nice decorations, find a few twigs of various sizes. You can cut the smaller pieces of wood with garden scissors or leave them as they are. Use the hot melt glue gun to glue the twigs to the flower pot. You can also tie a natural string, bast or ribbons around the pot. This way, you can easily decorate even flower pots with house plants. Empty flower pots or vessels can be filled with substrate, moss and wicker and decorated with painted Easter eggs.

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