One can feel the spring in the air, so why to you stay at home? Take a small part of the season inside with you. With original decorations, you will easily change your home into a place full of colours, fragrances and spring energy.

Spring decorations made of paper

Paper decorations can be fun for children, and there is a countless number of ways how you can make beautiful small bowls for eggs, Easter bunnies or colourful Smarties. Some inspiration can be found in origami videos on the Internet. Use paper in spring colours – yellow, green, white, pink, or light blue.

Spring and Easter decorations can be also replace paintings on the wall. All you need is a piece of motley fabric, some cardboard for the background, and a sheet of white or coloured sturdy paper to cut out the outline of a bunny, flower, tree or another spring symbol and glue it to the fabric background. Put some pep to the simple decoration with an elegant frame with glass.

Door spring decorations

For Easter or spring, you can decorate the entrance door with bouquets of flowers to see a fresh piece of nature all the time. Instead of a vase, use a bendable hat or wicker basket. A closed umbrella hung with the handle upwards can serve as a great decoration, as well. Bind its lower part closer to the tip with a flexible ribbon, so that the flowers, laburnum or other branchelets stay put and don’t slide too deep into the umbrella.

If you like classical wreaths, make one from coloured yarn. It’s not difficult: choose a few fine cotton yarns and twist them densely and firmly around a round foam or cardboard foundation. Spread all the spring colours evenly. Stick plastic flowers, eggs or other decorative items to the basis and attach it to the door or in a window.

Table spring decorations

Decorative glass vases with bulb flowers look great on the dining table, mouldings or shelfs. Do you love tulips? You don’t need a garden to grow them; these undemanding plants can grow even in a vessel with water. A tall transparent vase, where you can see the roots grow, is the best.

Fill the third of the vase with decorative pebbles. Cover them with plant bulbs, cleared of the dead and brown skin, with their tip upwards. Anchor the bulbs gently in the pebbles, so that they don’t change their position when add some water. The water surface shouldn’t cover their tops. The bulbs will grow the best in a warm room. Don’t move them to the direct sunlight on the ledge or dining table until the first offshoots come up. Refill the water only to touch the roots of the plant.

Flower box garden behind the windows

If you have some flowerpots behind the window, change them into cute rabbits for Easter. All you need is to cut out and draw two big ears from hard paper and stick them into the soil. Make the nose from cotton wool, glue it on the flowerpot, and draw the mouth with a marker pen. Nice eyes can be made from pill packages filled with lentils or small buttons for the pupils.

Flowers will light up your apartment like nothing else. And if you don’t have a garden, buy small pot plants of all colours and put them into flower boxes on the ledge. For a perfect illusion of a mini-garden, add some low wire fence.

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