Every day, the extensive Letná Park invites thousands of people for a walk or rest. You can sit on blankets and benches, have fun with friends or enjoy romantic dates. You will meet mothers with children, dog keepers and passionate sportsmen there. Moreover, the favourite place on the left bank of the Vltava river offers amazing views of the historical city of Prague.

Let’s meet in the Letná Park

The Letná Park has always belonged to the people – except for its beginnings in the 19th century. The park was established on an estate owned by baron Jakub Wimmer of Wimmersberg, Prague’s vicegerent Karel Chotek was instrumental in buying up the area in the first half of the 19th century.

The Letná Park is an important social and cultural centre for the inhabitants of Prague 7 and the surroundings. They also watch the New Year’s fireworks there. Since 2004, the festival of contemporary circus and theatre, Letní Letná, takes place in the park every year. During socialism, May Day Parades were held there; in 1989, masses of people used to meet there to support the Velvet Revolution. Today, the Letná Park with the adjacent plains is still a politically unique scene of many demonstrations and political gatherings.

To Letná for sports

In the park, there are four kilometres of nice asphalt paths, ideal for roller skaters. The grass areas are used by Frisbee players; ‘ropewalkers’ stretch their elastic ropes between the trees. In the middle of the park, you can rent tennis courts or a playground for ball games or you can go to a restaurant – all the facilities are run by the Výletná company.

Skateboarders who visits Prague have to try ‘the Stalin pavement’ (a popular name for the place where a heroic statue of the dictator used to stand during socialism; today, there is a giant metronome). The local surface is famous all over the world.

A paradise for families with children

Right next to the Výletná sport area, there is a large children’s playground with sectors for both toddlers and older kids. When the weather is nice, hundreds of parents with girls and boys meet at the Letná Park playground. While parents lay out blankets on the grass, their children play in the sand and at slides, swings or roundabouts, ride on the on block and tackle, or crawl through a wooden train.

Evenings in the Letná Park

In the summer, young people like to meet in the eastern tip of the Letná Park at beer gardens. When it’s hot, the wooden benches, offering a beautiful view of the Vltava River and the Old Town, are crowded. The Výletná pub, which is popular as well, is about 200 metres further to the west.

The luxury restaurant in the Hanavský pavilion in the western part of the Letná Park or the Neo-Renaissance chateau on the opposite side of the park are the best for romantic evening. The historical buildings are also scenic places and you’ll be enchanted with their views of the evening city.

How to get there

Ideally, you can get to the Letná Park by tram. To get to the western, northern or eastern parts of the Letná Park, walk from the Letenské náměstí, Korunovační, Sparta or Chotkovy sady stops. If you get off at the Čechův most stop, you’ll climb the long stairs to the green park from the south. The closest metro station (the green A line) is Hradčanská – it’s a five-minute walk from the park.