It does not matter where you are in Prague, you will always recognize the Žižkov Tower in the panorama. This highest construction in the Czech Republic (216 metres) is a popular attraction. It offers extraordinary services: a unique view, an exhibition interior, a restaurant, and exclusive accommodation.

History of the criticized construction

The Žižkov Television Tower was built in the historical housing area of Žižkov between 1985 and 1992. At first, the growing high-tech object incited the locals; nevertheless, it has become a dominant feature of Prague in the course of time. Following its reconstruction and fundamental interior changes in the industrial style (between 2011 and 2012), the Žižkov Tower, renamed to the Tower Park Praha, became one of the greatest attractions of the city.

The aerial of the Žižkov transmitter serves to eleven TV and eight radio stations. It is also used by mobile operators. Air pollution in the capital is measured there as well.

What can you find inside the Žižkov Tower?

Lookout platform with interactive features

A glass observatory situated 93 metres high above the ground offers a unique 360° view with three theme cabins – Prague Images, Prague Echoes, and Golden Prague. You can sit in hanging armchairs with sound or watch a video presentation about Prague and the Czech Republic. When the conditions are good, you can see to the distance of up to 100 km.

Royal accommodation in the skies

The six-star apartment in the tower offers luxurious accommodation for couples in love 70 metres above the ground. Have you ever stayed in bed observing a city from bird’s eye view? It is possible here! The prices for a night in the one-room hotel, surrounded by the most modern technologies and natural materials, start at EUR 549.

Exclusive restaurant, bar and café

You can try Czech and international cuisine, Czech beer, high-quality wines and other delicacies while enjoying the view of Prague from the 66m height. To visit the restaurant, you don’t need an entrance ticket to the observatory. You will appreciate the emphasis on seasonal fresh ingredients and home-made products in the menu. The restaurant in the Žižkov Tower is open every day till midnight, but be sure to book a table in advance.

Unique technical solution

In terms of technology, the Žižkov Tower is unique. Its base is 15 metres below the surface. The construction itself consists of three cylindrical steel tubes – two of them reach the height of 134 meters and the main tube in the middle is 216 metres tall. The tubes hide special pendulums that balance the deviations of the tower. In the tubes, there are cabins offering the services described above. Right below the top, there is a control cabin with the transmitting apparatus which is not open to the public.

How to get there

There is no direct connection to the Žižkov Tower by the public transport. You can get there by car, but parking might be a problem (there are covered and paid garages though), or you can walk. The shortest route starts at Jiřího z Poděbrad Square where you can get by the green A metro line. From the north (from the Railway Station and from Seifertova Street), the Tower is best accessible from the Lipanská and Olšanské náměstí tram stops (trams No. 5, 8, 9, 15, and 26).