Is your bathroom too small? Don’t worry – even a confined space can amaze guests with its design and smart arrangement. Get inspired by great ideas that you can easily use even in your bathroom!

Design tips for small bathrooms

Light colours and large patterns are more fitting for small spaces. Keep the same colour tone and avoid contrasts, such as dark walls and light floor, as much as you can. If you long for a striking element, choose a piece of furniture that will stand out in the otherwise blended background. Harmonize the wall and ceiling colours to get a visual impression of a clean and more spacious bathroom. The less changes in colour and material, the better feeling of expansion you will get.

Install a corner basin

The problem with little space can be solved with a corner basin! One cannot be in the way of others in front of a corner basin. If possible, place the basin opposite the toilet, not next to the shower to leave some free space for opening the shower door. In minimalistic bathrooms, you will also appreciate narrow modern basins.

Advantages of a shower curtain

A shower curtain saves much more space than a glass door. It also matches the shower bath set in the tile niche. To attach the curtain, you don’t need to drill the walls, a sliding bar with rubber suction cups will be enough.

If you have a bath right next to the toilet, consider a transparent glass panel which looks good and protects the toilet from inadvertent drops of water.

Hang your towels on the door

Do you lack enough space for a towel rail? Don’t worry. Attach two horizontal holders on the back side of the bathroom door – nobody will mind them during the day and they will always be at hand. Moreover, the towels will enliven the stark door surface. You can also use the glass shower door.

What kind of table should you put under the basin?

In a confined space, one can easily run into a corner or a sharp edge of the basin or the table below. If you choose rounded shapes, you might avoid a lot of bruises on your thighs. A small bathroom can be seem larger with tables without legs hung above the floor; you will also have more space for storing things.

Shelves always come in handy

Is your toilet next to the basin? Prolong the board under the basin (preferably made of stone or wood) along the wall, over the toilet to the opposite wall. If you have a convenient flusher type, you will get a very clean and elegant shelf for cosmetic trifles.

Cover the wall with a mirror

A large-sized mirror covering the whole wall can be used by several members of the family at once. In a small space, every centimetre counts, and he optical enlargement of the room is a plus.

Water taps are also important

Don’t be afraid of water taps on the wall. Mount them directly on the wall to be able to install a narrow basin and a table, and get more space to move around the bathroom. Moreover, the traditional design of the water taps is absolutely splendid!

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