Jumping isn’t only fun but it’s also beneficial for your health. It improves your physical condition and strengthens your muscles. That’s why both children and adults will welcome the trampoline centre boom in Prague. In fact, hopping has greatly eliminates stress, too. And where can you jump the best?

To join several trampolines, put line walls with them, and create a jumping area of hundreds of square metres turns out to be an excellent move.

For both beginners and pros

Jumping arenas are very popular, and they attract even those who haven’t been doing sports before. Since the springs reduce the impact of shock by up to 80%, jumping is gentle to bones and joints and also fitting for overweight people. The weight limit in the centres is usually set from 110 to 120kg. Jumping improves blood circulation, lowers cholesterol, and generally contributes to good mood.

If you are advanced, you can try various tricks using walls and acrobatic exercises above foam pools, practice new skills and not to worry about falling down. There are also professional trainers available, just like in ordinary fitness centres. You’ll improve by 100% with their help.

As for children, you should rather wait

Safety regulations are usually very strict in trampoline centres, and their operators know why. Children under 110cm are welcome there, but not during the busiest hours, weekends and holidays when the trampolines are full. You can book trampolines ahead, for example for a birthday party.

The JumpPark Prague

The JumpPark Jarov is one of the most famous jumping centres in Prague. In addition to free jumping on large trampolines, you can try other attractions such as trampoline basketball, 3D dodge ball or jumping into a hollow with foam – the so-called foam pit. A curiosity is also an interactive climbing wall where you’ll become the main character in a PC speed and agility game, ‘catching all bats’ or ‘saving the Earth from asteroids’.

The JumpArena Zličín

The same operator offers real trampoline orgies also in the arena in Zličín. The countless attractions include a ‘bigairbag’, which makes the jumper feel almost zero gravity, and other competition elements, appreciated mainly by larger groups of friends or families with children. Many of the challenges resemble well-known TV competitions such as the push-of-war with foam cylinders on a beam or climbing over moving cylinders. Here, you can finally understand that it’s not so easy – it really is a challenge! The chance to play table football – the well-known pub game – in the jumping area as one of the characters is just a funny detail.

The HOP Arena in Čestlice

In Čestlice, they had children in mind, as well. There is a jumping area for children up to six years old and an area for three-year-old toddlers. Parents can enjoy the ninja fighter track and other challenges on the local trampolines. Reservation isn’t necessary, which can sometimes mean a large number of people jumping around. On the other hand, if you’re lucky, you have all the attractions almost for yourselves. Many reviewers praise the personnel and helpful trainers. However, the price is a bit higher than in the JumpPark.

Tickets to the trampoline centres for adults cost CZK 200 or more, but they are often available on discount portals. If your visit to a trampoline centre isn’t limited by time, it’s worth to buy discounted tickets and come on a weekday morning.