Would you like a trendy living room? Modern trends return back to the exceptional classics: shaggy carpet, large sofa, and revealing objects of family history. Get inspired by designs from the best designers in the world. Just a few cleverly sweetened accessories and suddenly you get the change you desired.

Connecting a living room with a kitchen

Open space is a hit in the present years. It optically acts superior rather than a larger room divided into tiny parts by partitions. This arranges more creativity to be put into the apartment. Linking the living room and kitchen in one large airy room is very common in newly built buildings.

Modern “kitchen – living room ” plays as a headquarter role in the apartment. This encourages family meetings and welcoming visitors. Open space is a great option for families with children and for people who like to have fun and do not want to spend time in the kitchen being cut off from society.

Better than a partition is a sofa

Apartment uncompromisingly covered with walls, are gone. The new hit is a large sofa in the middle of the room, warming carpets that are complemented by comfortable arm chairs or sofa bags. Floor area of the living room and dining room are easily separated by placing sofas. Targeted partitions are completely unnecessary.

Lamps in all corners

Appropriate lighting creates the style of the room. Function deployment adds the impression of greater space and provides a quiet space for relaxation. Lamps are chosen carefully and with respect to the use of the room. Start with ceiling lighting, which may be pleasantly subdued. Then add small lights in other parts of the room – for reading lighting with strong radiation, for lounging lighting with milder effect.

Pillows and cushions

Textile accessories play an important role in the color scheme with the living room. There is a variety of a selection, fabric, and pattern. But do not try to copy the main color of the room. They lie in the floors, walls, and furniture. You will reach much better results if pillows, curtains, and blankets will be in different combinations of contrasting color.

The old with the new? Why not!

Do not resist combining old furniture with modern pieces. Do you like shopping in antique shops? Renovated stools can perfectly fit next to new sofas and add warmth into the room. The atmosphere of the living room with a breath of history can be strengthened by framed paintings and added grandfather clock on the wall.

Living room, introduces you

The living room also includes a family history. Photos, awards, talismans, and commemorative items from trips are most exclusive when they are together. Its place of honor should be in a glass showcase, mantel, or a library. Let the living room tell your past.

Photo – source: Pixabay.com