This summer has shown the powerful strength of the climate change. Pleasant temperatures were followed by tropical heat and the world changed in a sauna you could not escape. But there are still places that are better than air-conditioned rooms – caves. Koněprusy caves are located only 30 kilometres from Prague.

From Prague to the caves in a few minutes

This longest cave formation in Bohemia is still frequently visited, which is definitely not a coincidence. Koněprusy caves are located just seven kilometres south of Beroun in the protected area of Czech Karst near Křivoklát and Karlštejn castles. You can get there by car in half an hour from Prague, or you can go by bus to the Koněprusy caves stop.

Millions of years

Next year, Koněprusy caves will celebrate 60 years of being open to the public. Compared to the age of the Devonian limestones they were formed in – almost 410 million years – it’s actually a small anniversary. The caves were discovered in 1950, but not for the first time. In the 15th century, there was a counterfeiting shop in the upper part of the caves! Let the guides tell you this story.

Guided tours for families and adventurers

Only 650 metres on two cave floors of the total length of two kilometres are open to the public. The tour takes about an hour and it’s quite demanding due to frequent rises. Adventures may enter the caves only with a torch, like true speleologists, at events held every last Monday of the month (except for July).

If the caves aren’t enough for you and you want to take a longer trip, you can follow the Golden Horse nature trail in the nearby forest. You’ll learn more about the local wildlife, promised to horses according to a legend, and discover beautiful sights.

The hell of a cave

Koněprusy caves are open to the public for the full admission of CZK 130 from April to November. Individuals don’t need to make reservations; guided tours for groups start at regular intervals. There is also a new tradition – the St. Nicholas Day event (this year, it will be held from 30 November to 6 December). Parents can fill out the “questionnaire” about their children, and St. Nicholas and his helpers, devils, will prepare a memorable experience for them in a perfect, red-lit stage set in the caves.