Your wedding day should be one bright decor. Do you want to impress your guests? Tune in D-Day with seasonal colors, include a scene with flowers or launch balloon fireworks! Wedding decoration options – at the ceremony and reception party – are enormous. We chose a few tips to ensure your wedding will have immortality.

Plug in bridesmaids and groomsman

Enjoy a festive ride in vehicles, like kings! For a great atmosphere during the ride you do not have to plan out anything complicated. Bridesmaids and groomsman who will drive should receive a “Welcome package” with white ribbons, flizelin and let them create!

You can also entertain children with the same task, decorating cars, who will shorten their long time of being stuck there. Bride’s car, the last one in the column, is highlighted with large bows and organza, which will be attached to the outside handles of the door.

Weddings by Color

Need help with colors, in which you frame the whole day into? Be inspired by the seasons, a place that you have chosen for your wedding, or flowers. Opulent weddings usually use soft and pastel color combinations of gold with tender pink or white. Bold couples like to combine elements of black, turquoise, and silver colors. Red, green, and yellow are classic romantic color schemes that dominate weddings during spring months.

Flowers versus balloons

If you are planning a wedding in a blooming garden, expensive floral decorations are unnecessary. Decorate the room for the ceremony, for example, with inflatable romantic bouquets of red hearts. But be careful, in tropical heat of direct sunlight the balloons may burst. After dark, the exterior looks great with lanterns hanging on a chain or a pathway filled with colorful candles in jars.

Conversely, if the wedding is indoors do not try to save money on flowers. Why does it matter that the ceremony only takes a few minutes, wedding photos will last you for a lifetime. Do you want to feel like you’re in a fairy tale? Bet on espalier flower vases, which will lead you all the way to your ceremonial table with an elegant long tablecloth.

Decoration at the wedding reception

At the wedding reception, it is important to have a perfect schedule set up for time and space. Poised seating arrangements are particularly numerous in the necessity of this participation. Ornate labels entertain tables and break the ice when meeting new people. Do not forget the children’s stools, or think about the availability of seating for less social, moving guests.

Table decorations usually belong to the restaurant services. You just have to take care of ordering the specific flowers and color mat for the table. Wedding tables can diversify, for example, floating candles, ribbons of tulle around the chair or a small surprise for each table (a commemorative button, stone heart-shaped lucky spike in memory of pots, etc.).

Fun, party decorations

After the wedding at the wedding reception, balloon fireworks will add spright hilarity! Super balloon filled with almost a hundred balloons can be hung over unsuspecting tables or above the dance floor. Rain of balloons can be surprisingly detonated at the right moment with a small detonator. Three, two, one… Party Begins!

Great tip for newlyweds is a wedding memorial. Among the wedding guests let an unwritten book circulate around at all the tables and that will become as an “answering machine” filled with memories, wedding events, and congratulations.

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