Do you only need a computer and cell phone for your work? Does the employer let you work from home? Or do you run business from home? Work from home has become an everyday reality for many of us. What can help you work efficiently and feel good about it? We have a few good suggestions for you.

Peace and privacy

Working from home has caught many of us off guard. Few people have a workplace at home and can work undisturbed. The solution may be a long-term or short-term rental of a fully furnished apartment in the city center with concierge and cleaning services, technical facilities, and dining options. The apartment can then easily become a coveted home office.

Good address and accessibility

If you’re looking for accommodation that can also serve as home office, don’t underestimate the location. It’s not just an address on the map, but a whole neighborhood. You will appreciate good accessibility even for your home office, whether by car or public transportation. If you’re looking for accommodation in Prague 2, try Albertov Rental Apartments near Vyšehrad. You can rent an apartment with a parking space, so you won’t waste time by moving around, looking for a free spot to park your car; moreover, there is a tram stop next to the complex. In Albertov, you can rent an apartment without a real estate agency and without commission.

A good Wi-Fi connection is a must

A poor Internet connection is the greatest problem of people working from home. If the Internet is slow or bad, it can increase your stress level. Choose a provider that will solve the Wi-Fi connection for you, ideally for a price included in the rent. You won’t have to sign a special contract with a network provider and think about any technical details.

Catering services at your fingertips

Albertov Rental Apartments can offer you all the necessary facilities. In the complex, there is a supermarket, a pharmacy and there are other stores selling everyday necessities. If you rent an apartment there, you will also be able to order food delivery from local restaurants.

Office furniture

Home office means spending a lot of hours on a chair at a table. Albertov Rental Apartments can offer you apartments equipped with desks, so you won’t have to buy or move furniture. Moreover, your home office will be situated in an incredibly quiet area where you will be able to fully concentrate on your work without being disturbed.