Not only families with children look for peaceful and calm natural swimming pools. Two new habitats have been open in Prague this year, and the Motol pond is popular with tourists as well. And where can you for a trip outside Prague? Try our tips.

Natural swimming pools in Prague

Natural swimming pools are a great alternative to crowded outdoor pools: they’re large, they include sport fields and refreshment shops, and unlike the congested metropolis, they usually have a quiet, relaxed atmosphere.

The best of the best? Džbán at Divoká Šárka

In Vokovice, Prague 6, next to the Divoká Šárka nature reserve, there is Džbán – a popular natural swimming pool with grassy beaches (even for nudists) and gravelly bottom, gradual access to water suitable even for the youngest children, a wide range of sporting activities, restaurant facilities in adjacent campsite, and a large parking lot where you can park your car without any problems. The size of Džbán is unique: if you don’t like crowded swimming pools, you’ll like this place.

Brand new habitats and a classic pond

One of the new natural swimming pools in Prague is the Radotín habitat – an artificial water reservoir purified by plants in the so-called filter lagoons. Families with children will like the paddling and non-swimmers zone. The same goes for the Lhotka habitat with a large swimming lake and a capacity of up to 600 visitors which has been open this year.

The low-pressure swimming pool at Motol is a classic. When you come to the pond, supplied with water from the Motolský Creek, you can have fun on the shallows with the sandy bottom, buy local snacks, or enjoy a game of table tennis or volleyball.

Swimming pools outside of Prague

There are many pleasant swimming pools just a few minutes by car from Prague. At most of them, you can also find accommodation. What follows are just a few examples of the many possibilities for families.

The Slapy dam

The Slapy dam is the fifth largest dam in the country. It’s one of the most popular recreational sites and it will satisfy any lover of water sports. Try some of the beaches at the many camps, such as the Nová Živohošť Resort Beach, or, if you like quieter places, swim wherever you like on your hiking or cycling trip, for example at the villages of Kobylníky or Roviště.

Relax on a sandy beach

20km north-east from Prague, you can find Lhota lake. The flooded sand pit boasts with crystal clear water, Adriatic-like beaches, and natural shades of tall pine trees. The first public beach for nudists was established there. The swimming pool is supervised by a lifeguard, and you can also enjoy other sports activities and refreshment shops. You can to Lhota by car or train to Dřísy.

A Czech classic: a pond and grass

On the way from Prague to Říčany, you can stop by at the Vyžlovka natural swimming pool. There is plenty of space for sunbathing and shady places around the pond – complete with health and refreshment facilities. You can get there by the 381, 382, and 387 bus lines from the Prague-Háje station.