Are you tired of boring flowerpots, and do not even know where to place them? Try to grow indoor plants in vertical flower gardens.

                                                     A vertical garden in your apartment

Vertical gardens provably purify and humidify the air, and cool down overheated rooms. Not only do they look beautiful and tasteful, they also solve the issue of space. For these flowers, you don’t need a shelf, cabinet or hanging pot. Wall plugs, screws, and bare walls are enough. What kind of accessories do you need to create a vertical flower garden?

From small gardens to garden walls

A frame is the basis for this untraditional accessory. Producers offer various types and sizes of frames. The most common ones are rectangular, white, black or grey, only a few centimetres deep, and with several holes for plants. The smallest gardens can have around 20 cm on both sides; huge vertical gardens stretch to tens of metres.

Water the plants as you are used to

Be realistic though: you will spend a bit more than a thousand CZK for plastic boxes for six young plants. Vertical gardens have watering grooves in the upper part – pour a glass of water in them once or twice a week. The overspill is collected in another groove in the lower part of the vertical garden and can be easily poured out. There are also luxurious vertical gardens for offices and design apartments, equipped with a self-irrigation system; these need to be watered once or twice a month and cost tens of thousands CZK.

What kinds of plants are suitable for vertical gardens?

Various plants can be grown in vertical gardens – beetling plants, climbers, or straight plants. The most important factor in choosing your plants is the placement of the vertical garden – will it be in the daily light or in the dusk? Many florists offer their clients to create custom flower gardens; some of them offer suitable flowers for the vertical gardens you already have. Don’t refuse their recommendations, although it’s not easy to get it right and create a tasteful vertical garden. It’s better not to experiment… The most often used plants include Spathiphyllum, Syngonium, Anthurium, and Chlorophytum.

Almost no maintenance

Have you chosen the right plants? They are planted in the garden with a special absorbing substrate – bog moss. The vertical garden needs the same care like indoor plants in pots. Besides regular watering, you need to pick withered or dead leaves and flowers. You don’t have to replant the garden every season but if a flower grows too much after several years and becomes unsightly, you should replace it with a younger one.

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