It’s cold and rainy outside, and you’d rather stay home. In such (and other) situations you can appreciate when everything is within your grasp. The tenants of the Albertov Rental Apartments can use the reception services, delivery from a local restaurant, an underground carpark, a nearby supermarket and a new AlzaBox in the complex.

Home delivery? No worries!

You’ve probably been there before – you order something online, including home delivery, but you miss the postman or courier. The delivery times in shops don’t suit you because you’re busy; the delivery points are too far from home. You’d like to pick up your order after working hours or at night… The solution are self-services boxes which are being rapidly installed all over the city of Prague. One of them is the new AlzaBox in the Albertov Rental Apartments.

New AlzaBox for residents

In addition to the reception services, a new AlzaBox has been installed in the Albertov Rental Apartments right next to the entrance to the Lidl supermarket for customers who prefer contactless delivery. The residents can now walk to the box, the supermarket and their car using the underground garage. They are not limited by the outlet opening times and the orders can wait for them for up to two days.

Payment and complaints at the AlzaBox

If your order hasn’t been already paid, you can pay for it by card or using the app at the AlzaBox. Please note that larger orders can be split into more parcels and the box door should be closed again after the parcel has been collected. If the customer is not happy with the order, they can use the AlzaBox to make a complaint.