The tradition of winemaking in the Czech capital is presented by the unique city project, The Journey Through Prague Vineyards. The fifth edition of the event invited visitors to 14 local vineyards. On the last weekend of May, it started at the youngest of them – the Albertov vineyard.

Tip for the weekend – Vineyards

The Albertov vineyard in Prague 2 is one of the lesser-known vineyard that are usually inaccessible to the public all year round. It is open to wine lovers only once during The Journey Through Prague Vineyards. This year’s record turnout proved there is a lot to look forward to. Dozens of people visited the Albertov vineyard on the weekend.

Reliving history

The very location of the Albertov vineyard was already an invitation to visitors. It is located in the gardens of a private investor who runs the modern complex of Albertov Rental Apartments for short and long-term accommodation. The long-forgotten wine-growing tradition – referred to only by a few local names, such as Viniční ulice (Vineyard Street) or the Vinný (Botič) potok (Wine Stream) – was revived on the border of the boroughs of Vinohrady, Nusle and Nové Město and in close proximity to the historic walls below Vyšehrad in 2009.

The tradition alone is not enough…

According to the EU regulation, you cannot establish vineyards anywhere you want, the place should have some history of wine-growing. In the time of King Charles IV, Prague was full of vineyards. However, after the Battle of White Mountain and the subsequent Thirty Years’ War, the vineyards had to give way to the city. Despite the medieval tradition, the return of wine-growing to Albertov was not easy. Some vines had to be planted into the rock with a jackhammer due to the mostly rocky ground.

New Phoenix variety

The small vineyard of 850 vines has the largest proportion of Riesling and Pinot Noir. Another specialty of the Albertov vineyard is the newly bred Phoenix variety, and its last three vintages could be tasted by the visitors to the May event.

Living with your own vineyard?

The Journey Through Prague Vineyards is not only about tasting, but also about learning about the history of the vineyards, guided tours with winemakers, soaking up the atmosphere of the vineyards and learning about wine production. The local wine production is not commonly available; however, if you are a local resident of the Albertov Rental Apartments, you can enjoy the vineyard every day. Moreover, you can also spend some time sitting in a romantic gazebo with a view of Vyšehrad.