Self-checkouts are still a bit of a novelty, drawing criticism from some and praise from others. In the Albertov Rental Apartments complex, this is yet another step towards maximum convenience for the residents.

Help for customers

One of the biggest fears in the early days of the self-checkouts was that shop assistants would lose their jobs. But this has not happened, quite the opposite. There is a need for additional staff to supervise self-checkouts, advise uncertain shoppers on how to use them properly, and help with the operation. Customers who pick up the courage to try self-checkouts usually keep using them.

Play around with the self-checkout

For those who use modern technology every day, handling a self-checkout is quite intuitive. The customers place their items on the surface in front of them and mark the barcodes one by one. For baked goods and similar products, it is necessary to select the type of goods on the touch screen, similar to weighing fruit and vegetables.

Cash, or credit card?

The self-checkout at the Lidl supermarket in the Albertov Rental Apartments guides the customer step by step with instructions on the display. After marking all the items, it shows the amount to pay. The customers can use credit cards or notes and coins. For smaller purchases of up to about five items, the shopping takes just tens of seconds. For larger purchases, it is still more convenient and faster to be served at a conventional checkout.

Shop at your own pace

It might seem that self-checkouts are mainly used by younger people, but the opposite is true. They are often a more pleasant option for senior citizens who usually only buy a few products. At the self-checkout, they can unload their items without feeling the pressure of the queue behind them, check their prices on the display, and take their time to put them in their bags.

For the residents of Albertov Rental Apartments who need to buy just a few items or a snack at “their” Lidl supermarket in the residential complex, the self-checkout is a welcome help even at busy times of the day.