You can go for a bike trip in Prague, even though you do not have a bike. Try bike-sharing! You can borrow bikes even with your friends and ride on the A50 cycle path all over Prague.

Tens of kilometres of bike paths

More and more Praguers ride a bike to work and for fun. Biking is not only a weekend amusement anymore; it is becoming a welcome means of transport. Prague offers tens of kilometres of bike paths away from roads, and to ride, for example, from the railway bridge to Palacký bridge on the right bank of the Vltava River is a great experience.

Biking on the riverbank and to the forest

All the Prague bike paths are marked with the letter A. There are two main Prague bike paths along the Vltava River – A1 on the left bank and A2 on the right bank. If you want to go to the nature, you can go to Šárecké údolí in Prague 6 or Prokopské údolí in Prague 5. You can easily plan your trip on the well-arranged portal

Bike-sharing: download the app and go

Bike-sharing is becoming huge in Prague, and the competition of bike-sharing companies is growing. The two biggest companies, Rekola (pink bikes) and Ofo (yellow bikes), launched their business in spring 2018. You can find their bikes on the pavements, by railings or lamps all over the city. They use the so-called dockless bike hire systems that tracks the location of the bikes using GPS. Anyone who needs a bike can find one with an app. Using the app, you can unlock the bike (with a sent code), pay for it (it is usually free for up to 15 minutes), and lock it again in the final destination.

Cyclists in Prague are going to be better off

More operators such as Obike and Velonet are planning to join the bike-sharing market. Velonet makes no secret of intending to transform the present chaos in placing bikes by the street furniture, created by the pink and yellow bikes, into organised stands and fees paid to the city quarters.

These days, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of shared bikes in Prague. Compared to a million of cars, they seem like a drop in the ocean… Nevertheless, the councilmen were worried that bikes might interfere with cars and annoy pedestrians, so the Prague municipal authority authorized general rules for bike-sharing operators and their users in spring 2018. In the future, bike-sharing should stay in Prague for good, ideally connected with the public transport.