Choosing accommodation without seeing the property seems impossible. After all, one must know the layout of the apartment, how the rooms are connected, and the feeling of walking through the space, which is also important. Modern technology, however, makes it possible to view any apartment remotely – you can be sitting at your computer, lying on the sofa with your tablet, or even sitting in public transport with your smartphone. All this is possible thanks to the so-called 3D apartment tours. Simply put, someone else visited the apartment before you, took pictures of everything, and created a virtual tour for you.

A modern 3D tour presents the entire apartment

If you are looking for accommodation in Prague 2, for example, you can use the services of Albertov Rental Apartments. It offers apartments of all sizes, from a studio (1+kk) to a four-room apartment (4+kk). 3D virtual tours of the apartments can be found on the company’s website. The virtual tour shows potential tenants all the rooms in the apartment, as well as the entrance area, bathroom, kitchen, and balcony. Using intuitive navigation, the visitor can move around the building and change the camera angle. It is therefore no problem to view the apartment layout, furniture and other equipment, including the floors and ceilings, in detail. The virtual tour fully replaces a personal visit. In addition, it can be viewed several times, so interested parties can return to individual rooms at will and look at the apartment in detail.

Accommodation without commission also includes the equipment

Albertov Rental Apartments relieves tenants from having to worry about moving furniture and other equipment. The apartments are fully equipped, and everything is tailor-made. The residents can expect a fully equipped kitchen with appliances, comfortable beds for a good night’s sleep, practical wardrobes, and a modern TV. High-speed Wi-Fi Internet goes without saying. Property managers also take care of maintenance and repairs. Tenants will be provided with comfortable and safe accommodation that will not burden them with unnecessary worries. If you like the 3D virtual tour of the chosen apartment, you can move in very quickly.

The accommodation includes the concierge services and underground parking

Residential housing at Albertov Rental Apartments is a sure thing for anyone looking for a home without a realtor. Interested parties can find both short-term and long-term rentals there. The area is accessible by car and public transport. The rental complex also includes concierge services and underground parking spaces.